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I am making plans for building a cockpit for more immersive gameplay, and have recently discovered a software called Sim Hub, which will allow me to create a proper instrument panel in my cockpit, allowing me to have more easy access to my instruments, not having to move the in-game camera down to look at the game-rendered instruments.
However, I have so far been unable to determine with any degree of certainty that this software is allowed by Gaijin, and I don’t want to risk having my account banned for using it.
Does any one know of any piece of documentation where Gaijin expresses wether using this software is allowed or not?

I too have looked at this, but I’m not one to try hard on things like this.

You want to look at the localhost map, as that gives a lot of data that would fit that.

If you can get this sort of thing to work (Or someone comes in here with the information) it could be an awesome addition that would help out in other places. Logitech G flight products have the multi-display panel, and other bits that could report information more if it were added to the game itself.

Whilst you worry, I feel that it’s not a problem if you’re getting the data off an outlet that is already allowed such as the localhost map. (I’m not authoritive or anything, I just know what you’re looking towards and need)

http://localhost:8111/ with the game open.

I wish you luck and I hope to hear your success stories, and even slight progress along the way.

So, I have started messing around with the program, and have assembled a dashboard I’m very proud of. I’m still not confortable using it outside of test flights or custom matches, though, I really don’t want to lose my account.
I made it with the intention of mounting a widescreen monitor to my cockpit and using it as a dashboard, so I’ve loosely based it off the JAS-34e Gripen’s dashboard.
There are still some issues, like I can’t make a fuel guage because SimHub can’t access the maximum fuel amount the plane can carry, only the current amount, the mach number is also a bit off since I had to calculate it myself (SimHub can’t access the in-engine calculated number). Also, I can’t access radar data, water temperature, etc. But I am extremely proud of myself after pulling this off.

(Hope the image upload works) Hope you like the look of it as much as I did

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This is actually very good progress. All you’re doing is getting that data off the localhost map so that’s mint, and this will definitely get some simmers wanting to expand their dashes.


This is awesome

Update. The map was giving me a lot of trouble, so I took it out. In its place, I put a button box, as I plan on using a touchscreen monitor for my dashboard, and put in it functions that I don’t want to use my HOTAS inputs for

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Many changes made since the last update. I’ve made a post in SimHub forums asking about more data, and in the meantime, I’m looking into learnig javascript to import more data from localhost:8111 to make more instruments.

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Wow that does look a lot better. Well done.

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