Explosions on planes that do nothing?

I noticed that when I shoot su22 or su25k and detonate their napalm/bombs on their wings it does absolutely no damage and they fly like it didnt happen

I’m sure its not Russian bias.

su25 and f-5c/e have incredibly broken damage models, I have countless instances where they survive full on impacts from missiles with almost no damage, and specially the F-5’s still retains almost all their maneuverability with just scratched paint.

I’m talking from experience fighting them and playing the f-5e and surviving lots of missiles and cannon fire

Well, for one, Napalm, a flame bomb, doesn’t explode, and two, high chances are, it’s not going to ignite the jelly inside, and if it does, it still isn’t going to do anything. Now a regular bomb, it should be dead instantly, IDGAS the size, it should blow the wing clear off. I’ve fought off Su-25’s in a J-29B (BR 8.0) with guns, and it kills no problem. I have no experience with the F-5C, I just figure it’s because it’s premium.

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Napalm maybe not, but flame bombs do explode to ignite napalm.
I shot su25’s and su22’s multiple times where I just saw a big flame covering their plane and do nothing, and also big explosions from like 500kg bombs and they flew like nothing happened
a small rocket like s5k can blow half the plane up so a 500kg bomb exploding on its wing should leave no trace of a plane

Yeah, I mentioned the ignition, and yeah, when it does go off, it’s a big fireball, depending of if it’s pressurized or not, it will either “trickle” or if it’s pressurized, it will be a fireball, that’s just simple physics. Most modern planes paint are “flame proof” where they aren’t fully flammable unless exposed to fire for an extended period of time, also, the fact is, most aircraft coverings are steel, and napalm, while it burns hot, doesn’t burn hot enough to completely melt metal. Plus you have spars and other internal stuff, belending of construction of it being made of either steel cable or a “nylon paracord” type of system and even more modern, hydraulically actuated flaps and ailerons. It’s very hard to simulate all of these situations perfectly, but there’s a reason to everything. Then also the ignition is different for every country, but yeah, like I said before, bombs should very easily take out the plane. Also, the fact is, depending on the explosive types and stability, I’ll just say for some reason America made a 1000lbs C4 bomb, high chances are, nothings going to happen when you shoot it with small caliber fire, but it’s really just too complicated to explain on the forum without doing questionable actions.