Expert crews not experting

I used to duel a lot 6 months ago (no tournaments just friendly 1v1s) or so and i tried to get back into it practicing with random people and i’ve found out that my crews still faint despite pulling negative G compensation on loads as low as 5g and for very short time like 1 tap per second. Has the mechanic changed? My duelist plane crews are all maxed pilot + expert. How can I time the moment the pilot is about to faint? i feel like doing it the way I do drastically widens my turn radius.

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Depends on the plane… Look at your stats.

Negative G affects pilots much faster and at much MUCH lower G levels than positive G - just like real life.

How does that translate to my lv75 expet f16a crew fainting as soon as I pull 10g’s before entering the rate fight?

I don’t know if you read it, but it clearly says the peak G limit is 6.5Gs with an expert crew.


If you look at your stamina stats, you have exactly 3.07s while pulling 6.5Gs until your pilot loses control, after which you need to wait 3 seconds for control to be regained.

This is so unbelievably simple. Just read.

Just to add…EXPERT crew gets 1.7s extra over the base 2s…(as an example…Expert gives a moderate advantage only)
This may or may not be relevant…EXPERT does not mean superhuman :)


Are you talking about the 1.07s increase?

Yes. My bad…1.07 and not 1.7.
(Not so bad at math…was not paying full attention :) )

Nothing to do with bad math, sometimes getting the order of some things is tricky when you aren’t fully focused on it.
I just don’t understand how you can show people exact statistics of what you can do in an aircraft, then people retort with

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Same reason you can give evidence any number of idiot conspiracy theories are drivel and the true believers tell you that’s all part of the cover-up - it doesn’t coincide with what they want to believe 🙄

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