Experienced player looking for Air RB focused Squadron

Hello fellow pilots, as the title says, I am looking to join a new squad, with people who love planes and Air RB the most. In addition, I would like to mention I speak mainly Hebrew/English so Israeli squad would be a bless but no probs with any EU/US squads as well, as long as you are mainly around Air RB :) I’m level 76 ingame, and played mostly props but slowly getting now into mid-tier jets (8-9.0) Happy new year and happy landings everyone!

You could join my squadron (FARSI), we dont do squadron battles but we play pretty much everything, I play everything but my preference are with planes.
Best of luck mate!

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Hello Captain!
I’m with a squadron called Yggdrasil -Yggdr-
We’re a new Squadron with an active SRE team and we’re always looking for more pilots!
We’re an English/Swedish server that plays on EU servers, join if you’re interested!

Hello, I would love to squad up sometime. I play mostly Air and Ground RB. In Air, I’m also at the early jets, so we might be able to grind the trees together :)

My discord is darthzapharas

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