Expanded Italian Air Tree (read the description before!)

This Tech Tree was made, for everyone who wants to see the possibility of all the Italian aircraft, so this does not include the Hungary sub-tree and other things that are not linked to Italy, remaining only the other nation planes before of “Alpha Strike” update.

About C&P, the tree contain them because Italy used them!

this Tree was made with the help of @Il_Signor_Regio @ImportantSimone5 and some other people that idk remember :/ sorry

(there are some limited Projects[Prototype with limited infos or destroyed before final phases], that have something create or needed for the tree)
These are P.133, C.206, C.207, Aerfer Leone, Re.2006

I’m gonna update it frequently, leave feedback if you want something to change

For now, you can’t view the folded vehicles, but I’m gonna add them to a spoiler list in the following days


Rank I
Ro.43 → Ro.44

CANT Z.506B → CANT Z.515 → CANT Z.111

Do 217 J-1 → Do 217 J-2

CR.32 → CR.32 Quater

CR.42 → CR.42 AS

G.50 Serie 2 → G.50 Serie 7 AS

Re.2000 Serie 1 → Re.2000 G.A.

Ba.65 (K.14) L → Ju 87 R-2

F.C.20 Bis → P.108A Serie 2

BR.20 DR → BR.20M M1

SM.79 Serie 1 → SM.79 Serie 8

Ro.41 → Ro.41 Bis

Rank II

Re.2002 Early → Re.2003

Re.2001 Serie 1 → Re.2001 CB → Re.2001 OR

Ba.201 → Ju 87 D-3

SM.79 AS → SM 79 Bis/TM → SM.79 B

Z.1007 Bis Serie 3 → Z.1007 Bis Serie 5

C.200 Serie 3 → C.200 Serie 7

C.202 → C.205 Serie 1

Rank III

F-51D-20-NA → F-51D-25-NA

P.108B Serie 1 → P.108B Serie 2

PV-2D → S2F-1

Bf 109 F-4 → Bf 109 G-4

Rank IV

Spitfire F Mk.Vc/Trop → Spitfire LF Mk.Vc/Trop

G.55 Serie 1 → G.56

Re.2005 Serie 0 → Re.2005 <<MM.495>> VDM

G.80-3B → G.82

Bf 109 G-14/AS → Bf 109 G-14

Bf 109 G-10/AS → Bf 109 G-10

Rank V


Questo testo verrà nascosto

Vampire FB.52A → Venom FB.50

G.91 Pre-serie → G.91 R/1

Rank VI

G.91 Y → G.91 YS

MB.339K Veltro 2 → MB.339CD

Rank VII

F-104S.ASA → F-104S.ASA-M


F-16A-10 → F-16B-10

A-200A (1995) → Tornado IT-ECR Early

Last Updates

20/03/2024 added a Folder spoiler and added a bunch of planes

Things not allowed

Don’t leak documents!


Very well done.

But at first glance there are some things missing that could be added.

For example, the entire Caproni Vizzola line is missing, with the F.4, F.5, F.5bis, F.6M, F.6MZ and F.7. Then the Ca.380, the Ca.183bis the SM88, the Re.2006, and Mc. 207, the SAI 207, the SAI 403, Piaggio P119, Sai S.S.4 and the Aerfer Leone are missing.

If we want to add also some projects there are really a lot, but some that I would like to see are the Re.2004, the Re.2005SR, the G.57, the SM.96II, the CS.10 and CS. 11.


Given that you also put the carried based g.50, you should also add the Re.2001 OR.

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+1, but where are the Eurofighter typhoon Tranche 1, 2 and 3?


Just one question. Where floatbombers? And where my beloved Caproni 355 Tuffo?

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Sadly, most of these are just paper planes. I’m unsure about the G.57 but the others are all paper planes (never heard about the 96II).

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Yes, I know.
But I think they would make an interesting addition.

The G.57 didn’t go beyond the drawing board, as far as I know, the studies helped to design the g.59 after the war, tho.

The SM. 96II was a fighter project made only with non-strategic materials and an Italian made Alfa Romeo 1101 28 cylinder engine, at the eve of the armistice the engine was ready for serial production.

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Interesting. Sadly for some non finished planes there’s no pics (like the Ca.183bis).

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CANT Z.515
CANT Z.111
Rank I

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yeah, i uploaded the old one because i lost the other one


Ok i’m just blind.

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no is foldered :D

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My honest reaction:


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Also, I see no C.R.42 DB.

F-16A ADF (2003) it differ from F-16A ADF (2010) ?

Tornado A-200A (1990) no CLDP targeting pod, no GBU-16 Paveway II & GBU-24 Paveway III LGB ?

Why TAV-8B BR lower AV-8B+ ?

TAV-8B has less pylons than the AV-8B+
A-200A no GBUs
F-16 ADF 2003 have the AIM-120A and AIM-120B meanwhile the 2010 one has the AIM120C-5


The MB-339CD is also missing, why Premium MB-339A?

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I believe next major update AV-8B+ (Marina Militare) get AIM-120B AMRAAM at 12.3 BR. but not sure TAV-8B armed AIM-120B like AV-8B+ ?

F-16A Block 15 ADF (2003) like F-16A ADF from Italy tech tree but armed AIM-9L/i ?

So Tornado IDS A-200A (1990) no CLDP pod and limited unguided Air-to-Ground armament

I assume MB-339CD would be 10.3 and in the folder with MB-339K Veltro 2

Yeah - i miss that too - never heard about it since passed to developers

Has anybody info what happened - besides the “considered”?