Existing players now unable to use content creator's register links

As it says on the tin, gaijin has gone and removed the incentive for existing players to use content creator’s register links, by removing the single thing we were previously able to receive; the camouflages.

As can be seen in this picture;


Register link, ConeOfArc

The camouflages are now considered a part of the “new/returning player bonus.”
This means current players are no longer able to receive the camos.

Take from this what you will

Sorry - don’t understand what your issue is - honestly - I can’t figure out what you are talking about??

Is it to do with the couple of skins in the package you show… I don’t know what they are and I don’t see any reason why they aren’t also available to existing players??

Tested decal on a decal I haven’t redeemed yet.
Still works.

decal was never mentioned