Exclusive War Thunder Skins and Avatars in Prime Gaming: Bonuses for Amazon Prime Subscribers!

“To deepen community engagement and expand privileges for Prime Gaming subscribers, I propose to integrate exclusive skins and avatars into the Prime Gaming bonus package for War Thunder. In this way, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to regularly receive unique items that express their dedication to the game and enrich their gaming experience.”

The integration of exclusive skins and avatars into the Prime Gaming package brings additional benefits to Amazon Prime subscribers and encourages new users to join the program. Prime Gaming subscribers will receive unique items on a regular basis, among other benefits, creating an additional motivation to participate in War Thunder.

These exclusive items can be provided as part of Prime Gaming’s monthly or quarterly promotions, making participation in the program even more attractive. This approach will strengthen the partnership between Amazon Prime and War Thunder, creating a mutually beneficial environment for both parties and driving increased engagement in the gaming community.

In addition, the integration of exclusive items into Prime Gaming will not only bring additional content to War Thunder, but will also increase the value of an Amazon Prime subscription, which can be an important factor in attracting new subscribers and retaining current subscribers."

Prime Gaming is a part of the Amazon Prime platform that provides subscribers with unique in-game perks. Among the perks available with Prime Gaming include free games, exclusive in-game items, discounts on digital versions of games and other bonuses. Amazon Prime subscribers can take advantage of this service by getting additional features and content in a gaming environment.

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+1, would be very cool

Why amazon prime ? Not everybody is spending money on amazon prime . Make for Netflix subscribers too then or any other subscription payer … wtf is this

Very big hell yeah! Do it! :) Agree with amazon prime!

Useless reply. Anazon prime offers a unique gaming service utilized by many games, netlix… meh.

Absolutely not.

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Makes zero sense, ever heard about playstation plus free packages? Because Gaijin gives out free stuff there, from time to time. Nobody ever got mad… it’s just another way to make the game more famous, so more people play meaning more premiums meaning better paid and performing devs meaning more vehicles and better game.

So would it be like if I liked my prime account to my WT account, I get the skin? If so, I would love to see this as well as partnerships with other subscriptions like Disney+ and Netflix!

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