Exclusive cover of the “Blood Type” track for War Thunder!

Meet the cover of the “Blood Type” track used in the teaser for the “Drone Age” update, called Wish Me Luck, now on popular music streaming platforms!

The cover of the song “Blood Type” was recorded by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra and Choir at the Lendok studio exclusively for War Thunder in honor of the double anniversary: Viktor Tsoi celebrated his 60th birthday in 2022 and the Kino group its 40th. The vocalist Pyotr Salnikov is a musician, journalist and game designer.

The musical composition was first published in the trailer for the “Drone Age” update which received a large amount of views, and where the legendary Su-25 attack aircraft played an important role.

Many of you have asked for this track to be made available on streaming platforms, and now we’ve finally managed to do it!



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Just have to wait for the new teaser…

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Hell yeah, thank you so much!



That’s epic. Very much a big w moment for gaijin.

Excellent, though the music, which adds so much, is not often praised as much as it deserves.

This song is over 35 years old, but the original is still better.

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Song would be better in Ukrainian :3