Exception error

i have tried almost everyething from uppdating my drivers reinstalling the game 5 times restarted it, verified files in both steam and on the kauncher, run the launcher and game as administrator, deleted the cache file, uppdated windows, plugged out all acessories to the pc and restarted it, and if the exception error doesnt show for quite a while, then my pc just bluescreen due to multiple errors, or war thunder or othee progrrams just close randomly, i usually only ahve war thunder up, and the pc is brand new, on my last pc i could run war thunder just fine and i had worse everything on the old pc, i don’t know what to do anymore. And its just not worth it being kicked out of the game multiple times in a round and having to wait 5 minutes or more just to load in only to have to restart due to easy anticheat, strangeley enough it only happens on ground not air, havent tried naval yet, at this point i have started restricting my war thunder play time to usually 1-3 hours before i just give up and play something else. it all happened after the recent uppdate btw,

Whilst reading through this, there’s no mention of exempting the folder from your antivirus, or an error code from the exception.

The cache folder is what you should clear out, not a cache file.

And no matter that it starts happening in the recent update, it’s commonly a factor, or a noticable point for you as to where it starts happening, but commonly it’s just coincidental at the end of the day.

which folder should i exempt, i also do delete the entire cache folder not just a single file, i have exempted it from antivirus, and here is the error code 80f449e071, the problem didnt go away

Whole game folder to be exempted.

Anything else in the forms of messages and the like are you getting? And have you tried with a fresh booted machine compared to one that’s been sitting?