Event selection menu button mapping

the way i have my key binds setup give me a issue. i map my event selection menu key bind to the L1 key on my controller but to change between the event selection menu pages you have to use L1 key to change pages. is it possible to make the key bind changeable in a sub menu of the event selection menu mapping so i can keep my current key binds as its more comfortable in my current layout or possible if the L1 key is binded to the menu switch the next page to R1 key.

When you write “event selection”, are you meaning the multi-function menu?

I’m not sure of any event selection stuff (other than the game mode, but I don’t think you’re meaning this), and I don’t have any experience on the consoles or controllers, but thought I’d ask to clarify it so that maybe someone else may be able to answer you (as “event selection” is unknown to me, and maybe lots of others, but could just be a translation thing).

i have the multi function menu set to another key bind the event selection menu is a button u hold and it opens up a menu that has arty, smoke, and other options like mini drone. it does a lot of the same things as multi function but more simple. might just be a console thing not sure.