Event missile test

How do you do the missile test? Everytime I do it I outrun the missile then it says I didn’t hit the target

Most of your missiles will not hit the target. I think TEC said that the ratio is 1 successful missile per two unsuccessful missiles. Your goal is to either hit the target or figure out what is wrong with the missile.

Some examples of what could be wrong:

Smoking missile explodes before reaching target: faulty engine.
Missile drops and doesn’t respond to controls: faulty battery… etc.

It’s generally pretty intuitive or you can figure things out by process of elimination. If you get it wrong, it’s not the end of the world as you only get 3 component boxes by correctly identifying the issue. Just make sure that if you have a successful missile that you click the icon with the completed missile and then the “prepare report” button to get your target destruction report.

After conducting an unsuccessful test you can simply leave the test map and go back to the factory page where you can prepare the report.

Thank you