European Packet loss at 50%

The game is currently unplayable. 8/10 matches end up with PL rates of over 30% and gaijin refuses to acknowledge this even though the issue is clearly on their side. People from multiple european countries have reported this issue to suddently start two weeks ago and being exclusive to War Thunder.

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Same for me, it is unplayable at the moment

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There is actually a thread about the same issue. Meanwhile many player complain about high PL on EU server and ONLY on EU server. Gaijin says we should contatc our ISP but thats can not be the problem of the ISP because many of us got this issue and for sure we do not all have the same ISP. On other server the PL is fine at 0% (for example CIS or North american server) the issue is only on EU server. Maybe they should investigate the root of this issue…

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Same problem for me and a group of friends (different isp). It worked perfectly fine before the patch 2 weeks ago and it only happens in warthunder, other games no problem.

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it started at the beginning of december i think, with lower % packet loss and then it got worse, from then, more and more people have problem with this
more and more people have to report this so they will fix it, otherwise they say, its problem on your side
as schneckk said, he and his friends have this problem for 2 weeks, but i dont know if they reported it

im playing on Russian servers for the past 2 months and i have 0% packet loss there, on EU servers, i had problem with one server cuz in one battle everything could be fine but in another, i would get huge packet loss


Test if you have packetloss issues with air battles and then ground battles on EU server.
(make sure nobody is connected to your wifi and you are not downloading anything in background otherwise this test is useless)

If yes, then you have the same thing as I reported to support month ago.

EU server: 60ms ping, 30-50% PL
CIS server: 70ms ping, 0% PL
NA server: 140ms ping, 0-1% PL

However I have perfect connection on EU Air RB. Its just ground and naval.