Eurofighter Typhoon (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Its three AESA radars. APA = AESA. euroDASS radars

APA=Active Phased Array. Just explaining what the abbreviation means.

There are only 2 aesa radars

There are 3 in service, and 2 other prototypes.

ECRS MK.0, ECRS MK.1, ECRS MK.2 are in service, AMSAR (which i’m pretty sure is different to CAESAR) and CAESAR are prototypes/research arrays which were discarded.


The Eurofighter’s AESA radars – Defense Archives
New Radar, Game-changing Capability | Eurofighter Typhoon

“in service”


I say that in the loosest sense possible for simplicity’s sake, ECRS MK.1 and 2 are still being worked up.

Perhaps ‘slated to enter service’ would have been the better turn of phrase

2 AESA jammers, not radar types.

The left front wingtip is apparently empty

So the EF has ESM in both pods and ECM in the non decoy one.
Though natturaly theDecoy as ECM abilitys

so apparently BAE is adversitising double rails for BVRAAM missiles

Full video:


We knew about them for a while

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ah ok : (
I posted it because the last evidence I saw about it was in 2019 when they showed that eurofighter render with the double meteor rack, I didn’t know that it was showed again since then.

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Thanks :)

I have not seen these, I appreciate you sharing this. I knew there was the twin IR pylon we have observed on Spanish Typhoons and also mentioned here in this document from @Flame2512

But this seems to showcase dual missile pylons for L/MRAAM’s which I believe is new in addition to what looks like some sorta other rail attached to the pylon (hopefully BOL)?

Thanks for sharing mate this is cool.


Ah don’t worry, I was ironic in the first part of the message. Btw I alredy saw the various documents about the twin IR pilons, now we have to hope to see the double bvraam pilons in future. Maiby they will be avaible with the T4/T5 or with the new P4EB standard.

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Larger drop tanks too?

yeah apparently

They have had them for years, just never used. Those look more flat though

these are IR missiles, the double pilon here shows bvraam

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It’s using the ACMA Multi-Function Rail Launcher though, so should be able to equip AIM9-L, ASRAAM, AMRAAM and IRIS-T

The pylon used is the brimstone pylon

the whole thing is cursed as fuck
pylon → rail → pylon (the brimstone multi function launcher) → rail → amraam

i hope these manufacturers figure out how to model their own stuff correctly at some point

also AFAIK so far the AGML is only for air to ground munitions
Air-to-ground rail launchers (

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