Eurofighter Typhoon (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Don’t know, I thought I would find it after finishing a tech tree but now I’m starting my 4th…. All minor nations as I love suffering and I get too angry at my teams if I even go near the major nations. Somehow using shitty tanks is better than spending even one minute trying to figure out how a begal doesn’t hear the enemy ramming him…. German teams are soemthijg else.


I’m sorry for being dumb but what does TMC mean

Does this mean it is from A-J band coverage?

A-I, I ends at 10Ghz

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Having the TGP there feels so… wrong

its a SPEAR-3

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The orange thing is SPEAR 3? That’s even worse, why is it single mounted. Cheers for the picture

Because it was the first one built for an initial firing trial carried out in 2016.
More extensive trials were supposed to have taken place last year but there have been no further images published since the 2016 launch.

Thanks for the info, btw when i say worse, i mean more cursed, i dont think ive ever seen a brimstone thats not triple racked.

Eurofighter’s RWR actually goes up to K-band (the post is wrong)

ah, i was just going off of the frequency range provided there lol

@Fireball_2020 You can change that to be up to K band (40 GHz)



Typhoon Display Team camo for 2024


As I said before the D-Day camo goes hard.

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