Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

The EFT will likely be added alongside other jets of similar capability, its loadouts therefore should not be limited due to balance.

Unless of course you are saying the EFT is the best jet ever. :)


again genius, what does that have to do with us generaly discussing the capabilities of the EFT? the implementation in war thunder is a whole other matter


The guy is convinced the EFT and is determined to force his opinions on everyone… like how according to him Meteor is clearly worse than AMRAAM… ignoring the small issue of Meteor being powered throughout flight, outranging AIM-120D, having the largest known NEZ of any weapon in service… because it’s not a “medium range missile”

the guy is a waste of time lmao

And if you don’t believe me, MBDA’s own website says about the NEZ, the thrust throughout flight on its own page. METEOR | Air Dominance, AIR SUPERIORITY | MBDA (


Aircraft in-game with similar electronic warfare systems and radars are nerfed, not having things such as MAWS or not yet implementing jammers. These aircraft likely aren’t going to receive all of these or their best ordnances and load outs simply because of balance. If you think that had anything to do with flight performance you’d have been mistaken.

And I say again if you got better source then post them no point saying their source is wrong when you don’t link yours

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Yeah pretty much, @MiG_23M is wrong because he cant prove anything he states, he pretty much is only jabbing while we underline what we say with sources shrug
Honestly when one only jabs for the sake of jabing. One might just wanna stay quiet and not embarras themself


Yea I haven’t had a flag spam in over a week soon as I speak to him I get it.

Seems pretty obvious it’s him


Its aleays been him, some of the tech modes know it as well and have said its a real problem but they personally cant do anything about it.

Not even sure why he comes to the Eurofighter topics since last i spoke to him, he despised the plane and thinks its terrible. Probs only here to start drama.


Or trying to get it closed again

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who gives a shit, ignore him and move on

here’s some pictures

Eurofighter-Gripen training in Germany; Swedish and Czech Gripens so far


True enough, hence the block lol. If anyone has a DCS account actually, it might be a good idea to reach out to TrueGrit and see if there’s any info they can/will provide regarding weapons stores limitations for the Eurofighter, seeing as the entire company is made up of ex-Eurofighter pilots, and iirc are working with Eurofighter directly on the module (as to what they can/cant model and stuff), they’d likely be the best source of information available publicly that might actually respond.

That being said, they may see it as a “rival” game and refuse.

i’ve been told by someone who works on the EF that it is in fact just an issue of doing the carriage, jettison and launch qualifications/tests. the space, adapters and wiring is there. it just hasn’t been done due to financial reasons (industry doesnt want to pay for it and they prob wont get the money from any governments as its kinda unnecessary for them)


Speaking of what specifically? Cuz theres been a lot of discussion, but what i was most curious about was the limit of BVRAAM’s the fighter could carry. Theoretical limit is 14 afaik, but the max we’ve ever seen is 6 iirc.

mounting missiles onto the other pylons

he also stated that mounting a TPOD with an adapter to one of the MELs is possible


I remember seeing that in one of the brochures. It also appears to be possible in this photo.

That doesn’t bode well for the Typhoon… sounds an awful lot like “possible, but not done” which likely means the Eurofighter will be limited to either 4/6 or 6/2 for air to air missiles in-game, which puts it at an immediate quantitative disadvantage in fox 3’s compared to some other jets.

Might make up for it with flight performance or in the case of if/when the meteor is added, missile performance though.

It absolutely will, this is the expected loadout people need to accept that, its still better than other euro gen4.5’s.

on the one hand yes
on the other hand… f-16s have less missiles, hornets have garbage performance, f-15s have the same amount of missiles or 2 more if they dont carry SRAAMs (ignoring the f-15ex’s marketing shenanigans)
gripen has less
rafale has less
flankers have worse missiles
and like they’re meteors AND you probably wont need more than 6 in WT anyways because the matches play out weird

so i think its gonna be fine

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Sorta? The Rafale can carry up to 4 meteors but with an additional 6 MICA’s, defeinitly capable BVR missiles once the range closes a bit. The gripen can allegedly go 7/2 or 3/6. 1 less total missile, but more options on the desired load.





That’s pretty much what I would expect. Even the twin missile carrier is a little dubious, but we have enough photos of it fitted and documents mentioning it to justify it in my opinion.

And besides 4/6, 6/2, and even 4/4 are not exactly bad loadouts. For example the Rafale will only get 6 missiles in total.

I expect it will.