Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

Not the French one

stuff really goes over your head doesn’t it

If you’re going to be intentionally ambiguous and obtuse, of course. Take care in explaining your arguments better.

dude ngl you are looking extremely desperate here You could just search the info and put the proof when everyone is backing their arguments with proof too Idk whats not allowing you to do that too

Ah okay, never mind on Italians then

What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. Either share or it simply isn’t true.

I am of the opinion that you’ve done no studying of the subject if you haven’t come to the same conclusion to be quite honest. You’ve already been provided at least one reputable source on the matter.

Says the guy who claimed Eurofighter can’t supercruise? Or that it isn’t low-observable because AESA gets to be mechanically steered? Or maybe the part where apparently the semi S-ducts of the Su-57 (which don’t hide the engine’s blades from the view at all) are somehow comparable of EFT’s/Rafale’s? The “reputable source” here are the words of the company’s CEO, they are not reputable, but, well, you are entitled to your own opinion.

M’kay, you’re a quack.


figure what i meant

Well great then, lets assume what you say is actually true (which I just do for the sake of this argument) and say that Rafale has an RCS of 0.01 and EFT 0.1. And with missiles thats what, 0.91 to 1?
Sorry but seriously, have you ever looked at Meteor?

Run away I guess? Typhoon certainly has the edge. Btw for that to happen the enemy first needs to REACH a merge against Meteor and/or AMRAAM

The Eurofighter fans are not going to share anything related to their research either, they have shared some simple public stuff. Laughable as it is - they suggested the EJ200 is as good as the F119 which produces more thrust dry than theirs wet…

You will see, I don’t feel like it is necessary to hand hold your research. You may be inclined to look into it before it hampers your efforts to maintain the EFT’s RCS is 1m2…

Supercruise would be efficiently cruising at supersonic speeds without afterburner. While it is more efficient than afterburning… it does not do so efficiently in the same fashion as the F-22.

I never said that. It just isn’t low observable period.

They certainly are. The Su-57’s are legitimately hidden from most angles, have radar blockers, and complex geometry / RAM and intake ramps for blocking signals from exiting or entering while maximizing amount of EM absorption for those that do ping these surfaces. You refuse to acknowledge any of these things and dismiss them even after evidence is provided… and you couldn’t just dismiss them from your own personal opinion and point of view either… you have to resort to insults to follow it up? Is this some personal pissing contest for you?

Rafale 0.01 and EFT 1.0

No, what is that?

Seems easy to do when the opponent is busy exhausting missiles to defend himself rather than babysit his missile towards a foe that has been guiding one on him for the last minute or two.

If you were in the thing that hinted at that blew over your head you would know but you never will

so basic math is wrong now as well? Cause last time I checked, 0.01 is 100x lower than 1.0, not 10x

You mean launch missiles to defend himselves while the opponent has to crank and notch trying to defeat the EFTs missiles? Oh wait, I constantly forget that you are delusional and think the EFT will be blind

And all that for an RCS between 0.1 and 1 as per Sukhois own patents
Incredible how the Rafale has a 10x to 100x times better RCS than Russias stealth fighter

the F-22 also weights as much empty as the EFT full


man i dont even play air realistic. The only reason im saying this is cuz you arent backing your arguments with proof and you keep saying falsehoods that only escalate the situation There was absolutely no need in backlashing or gaslighting If you can use information to prove your arguments, back them off with that Just dont blindly say falacies and expect not to be called for it this isnt a matter of which one is better or which one isn’t; just keep it chill and stop trying to gaslight people

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Close enough, just needed to bait you into admitting it. Thanks.

Well, I said more than 10x lower.

It would be, most certainly. It’s 2024 and they haven’t been delivering AESA yet.

For the PAK FA T-50, of which the Su-57 saw a complete overhaul of the airframe with major changes to features that would reduce the radar cross section further. The basic shape of the intakes, engine inlet, antennas, and the materials used in construction are all new.

Well, no… the Su-57 is in the very low observable category. Rafale is just low observable.

Sounds like EFT needs to put on some muscle. Let’s not forget they chose the delta scheme to save size, but mostly cost. They can’t afford a conventional type fighter like Russia or the US.

I didn’t say anything related to air RB.

I have already used information, it is just dismissed without a second glance because it doesn’t coincide with your opinion.

some one can’t read

Eurasian times isn’t a source

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you havent backed a single one of your arguments with sources and that’s why not only me but a lot of people here have asked for you to back up your arguments with sources because we are not going to blindly believe what you are saying; even photos work but you decided to ignore it and act like we are all ignorant and that we dont know as much as you do, We seriously tried to ask you kindly but you keep putting buts and then gaslighting us

Right, so as always you will refuse to share stuff you allegedly “have” access to, because in reality you don’t, gotcha.

Supercruise would be efficiently cruising at supersonic speeds without afterburner. While it is more efficient than afterburning… it does not do so efficiently in the same fashion as the F-22.

Can’t supercruise at all = can’t “efficiently” supercruise now, apparently. So you will also change your claims after they’re shown to be false lmao.

I never said that. It just isn’t low observable period.

Surely, now we will all be sitting here 'n waiting for you to prove it for the next 2 years (which you won’t, because you can’t since you’re pulling those numbers out of thin air). I’ve noticed it’s a trend with you, all you do is sit in WT threads and argue with people, making claims that you refuse to back up - and funnily, I’ve seen you do the same on other platforms.

They certainly are.

They aren’t, I’m not sure how you can still continue to claim this when Su-57s semi S-ducts do in fact expose the engine blades from most angles (but the most from direct front), the entire reason why the radar blockers even exist is because they are meant to reduce the engine’s RCS signature from the frontal aspect of the jet - if the ducts were as well designed as EFTs or Rafale’s, those would’ve never seen the light of the day.

You refuse to acknowledge any of these things and dismiss them even after evidence is provided…

You mean that image where you could see through Su-57s duct from front to back, lol.

you have to resort to insults to follow it up? Is this some personal pissing contest for you?

Quite frankly? I’m drinking tea, whereas Direct is a cool champ, you are by far one of the most boring I’ve ever talked to - all talk and no show. Your whole shtick is to come, drop a bunch of unverifiable opinions, spend the next 24 hours arguing that you are right (because you must be of course), then moving onto another ego fight.

Insults? The reason why you happen to think that the word I used is an “insult”, is because it perfectly describes your character & style of arguing, it basically nailed it lol.

Right, i’ll just pull a @MythicPi now, I can see that I’ve been wasting my time on you, and no matter what I or others say, you will never change your mind, it also seems like you are an avid hater of the Eurofighter (likely for some deluded reason, as evidenced by your behaviour) - in that case there’s no point in any further “discussion” with you.



And the Ford class carrier is more than 2x larger than the planes it carries. Who cares about magnitudes anyways?

Will now pull with Furina and block, this went on long enough

Funny that, the TVC nozzle for the EJ200 was brought up as a false counter to the notion that the F119 is superior to the EJ200 earlier. Just another one of those fancy features of the EFT that y’all keep waving around that haven’t seen service and likely never will.

I have, especially in relation to the Su-57.

Are you supposed to be baiting me or convincing yourself?

I already explained above that what I consider “supercruising” is not your standard definition. If you’d like to argue that, feel free… but I elaborate on it further and you want to continue asserting that I’m wrong based on a totally different definition. The point of supercruise is to do so efficiently. The Eurofighter doesn’t do this. I’m not changing my claim after the fact. The Eurofighter doesn’t supercruise.

I still have no idea who you are, and if you’ve been following me for some time… you’ll know my estimates for the AMRAAM were nearly identical to how the missile ended up in the game in regards to thrust, burn time, etc. Same goes for the R-77. Curious. People doubted my models then. People doubted my estimate of the F-15’s efficiency and usefulness. People doubted all these things.

If the ducts were designed as well as inferior aircraft’ intake ducts it would never have seen the light of day? That checks out.

The one where it was clearly not fully assembled, where the ramp and geometry reduces returns quite obviously better than the simply childrens park slide that is seen on the EFT?

Well, if you insist on not providing any substance to the conversation you could always leave without such a fuss in the first place.

You called me a “quack”, not sure that describes anyone particularly well without being specifically derogatory.

Continue to read my posts and false report them for spam as staff of the forum has told me he does?

What does the size of the carrier matter?

@DirectSupport They can’t seem to handle good discussion on the faults and false merits of their favorite plane. Odd. I never acted so obtuse when discussing the negative attributes of the flogger. Now they’re going to have to join Mythic and reply to me indirectly. Funny, they once claimed to have “banished” me from this thread or something. Guess mechanically scanned arrays in 2024 are a hot topic of discussion.

great you have backed 2 arguments, with pictures but that’s for the SU 57 and now while you were saying you had proof about the EF and the rafaele then back them up

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