Eurofighter Typhoon DA7

I think the radar was the standard One, but I Need to re-check

So Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon DA7 equipped with ECR-90C CAPTOR radar or CAPTOR E AESA radar ?

90C, potentially upgraded to 90D in later life.

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CAPTOR ECR-90D it’s multimode pulse-doppler radar or active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar ?

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Upgraded ECR-90C, still a mech scan.

Do not post the DA.7 manuals.


Oh no, it’s happened yet again…


Well, a little search on internet and you saw this was leaked 5 year ago
but hey rip


This is indeed a War Thunder moment.


Oh my god. It happened again didn’t it?

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Might have been the manual that you can buy online, it’s been up for years and has “nato declassified” on the bottom


It also states “export restricted” once past the first few pages.
It is declassified likely to NATO-only entities, but anyone outside is likely restricted from accessing or viewing.

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Fair enough, still not a good idea to post it lol. At this rate the game is gonna get shutdown by 2025. I do wonder why you can go buy the document for 10 usd…


I looked into it a bit more: a lot of these documents/manuals are not actually meant to be online. People get ahold of things (museum workers, private contractors, etc), and despite the copyright laws (as well as parts of the documents stating “Restricted”), they still post them.

These manuals are in no way meant to be sold nor distributed, no matter if they are classified, unclassified, declassified, or export restricted.

Think of it like this: if you ended up getting ahold of documents via a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, you wouldn’t copy and re-distribute/sell those, would you?

Actually that’s fine, you’d only have trouble with copyright where it might apply. But a FOIA release should clear you for public use.


Oh, that’s neat! Thanks for the correction
(I am a tad over-cautious with this sort of stuff)

Got the link?

As I’m denser than a brick, was this a real leak or no?

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I see, maybe someone should send a E-Mail or something to a responisble agency or something? FOIA is fine like gunjob said, but if a docuemnt still has “restricted” without any “declassifed” text it should not be shared.