EU servers

I found the problem on the EU servers, it probably comes from the EU war thunder servers If the DHT is Active in the Luncher protocol, the high packet appears loose, it’s dekaivirt, it’s gone, please try it too, I’d be Interested to see if the problem has been Solved

I have had DHT enabled since always, and it’s hard to see why that should cause any issues since it should only be active while downloading updates. Unless you have enabled seeding after downloading?

The problem hasn’t been solved anyway. Your local servers in Europe are likely to cause problems. On some matches everything is fine and on others there is an extremely high packet loss, but only on EU. The US servers have no problems and neither do the Russian ones and it should be within the EU server There are also differences in Germany there shouldn’t be any problems and as far as I know, the problem must be on one of the central servers of Gaijinn located in Europe because there have only been problems like this for 2-3 weeks and the problems don’t exist in other games so it can it is not available to the internet

Test if you have packetloss issues with air battles and then ground battles on EU server.
(make sure nobody is connected to your wifi and you are not downloading anything in background otherwise this test is useless)

If yes, then you have the same thing as I reported to support month ago.

EU server: 60ms ping, 30-50% PL
CIS server: 70ms ping, 0% PL
NA server: 140ms ping, 0-1% PL

However I have perfect connection on EU Air RB. Its just ground and naval.