"Eskadron" 4x4 Russian Airborne Assault Buggy

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“Eskadron” 4x4 Russian Airborne Assault Buggy

To start off this suggestion won’t be very big, I compiled most of the information that I could find, I update all my suggestions as I come across information. Thank you

A new lightweight armored vehicle suitable for assault operations has been developed by the Consortium Intrall and UAMZ Group, utilizing an all-terrain 4x4 chassis. Recently presented at a meeting of the Russian National Guard’s scientific and technical council in Moscow, the vehicle boasts high mobility and the potential for missile launcher armaments. The vehicle has been designed with the needs of the Russian National Guard and Special Forces in mind.

Despite expressions of interest from both domestic and international sources, the Intrall company - responsible for manufacturing these unique vehicles - has yet to receive orders from either the Defense Ministry or other governmental entities.

In Moscow, a scientific and technical exhibition by ROSGVARDYA recently showcased special equipment and weaponry. At the event, the director of the automotive industry management firm, INTRALL, Anatolyi Deirikh, introduced a new light armored attack vehicle. The vehicle is based on the ultra-light attack vehicle “Eskadron,” which was initially requested by the Russian airborne troops and military-industrial complex in 2016, during a forum hosted by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Designed for fast tactical assault unit relocation, the highly mobile “Eskadron” buggy will be first delivered to the Russian airborne troops’ reconnaissance and sabotage units. The vehicle weighs less than 3,000 kg, can easily overcome unpaved roads, and has a maximum speed of 150 km/h. It can be air-dropped like any other airborne equipment. Now, the “Eskadron” will receive a modern armament complex, with the main weapon being a 12.7 mm machine gun “Kord” and some “Kornet” ATGM.

The vehicle’s most significant advantage is its new low-temperature hybrid power unit, allowing for covert and quiet movement under any extreme conditions. Moreover, the “Eskadron” can serve as a multifunctional platform for various equipment and weaponry due to its simplicity and reliability. INTRALL has also installed a one-seat armored capsule on the buggy’s chassis for executing life-threatening missions, and it can be equipped with rocket launching units.



This armored vehicle is highly maneuverable and designed for the rapid deployment of tactical groups. Its off-road capabilities allow it to reach speeds of up to 130 km/h even on difficult terrain, while its three-ton capacity allows for the transportation of up to four passengers and 1,500 kilos of payload. Additionally, the buggy features a convertible design that can transform from an open-air configuration to a closed capsule, depending on the mission requirements of Special Forces. The vehicle can also be armed with advanced weapons. One of its unique advantages is the low-temperature power hybrid setup that allows the vehicle to operate stealthily in extreme conditions.

  • Payload: 1,500 kilos
  • Weight: Less than 3,000 kg
  • Crew: 1 (specifically for this variant, may be more dependent on configuration in the future)
  • Maximum Speed: 150 km/h (130 km/h on rough terrain)
  • Current Weaponry: x16 S-8 Rockets (presumably S-8T & S-8DF)
  • Future Weaponry: “Kord” Machine Gun, “Kornet” ATGM
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Eskadron 4x4 Russian Assault Buggy Suggestion - YouTube

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Infantry Mobility Vehicles - Page 17

www.militarytoday.estranky.sk - Military news - Buggy „Eskadron“ and its armoured variants

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yes for funni dune buggy +1

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Sounds like a TON of fun! +1

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Agreed, I will be making more suggestions like these for other nations too.

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Looking forward to it!

YES, this would be epic! Looks like a Slavic Batmobile

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