[ES] ASCOD LT-105/105LRF turret, italian excellence at your disposal

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Origins of the ASCOD platform:


In 1988 the austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeug and the spanish Santa Bárbara Sistemas started a cooperation to develop a new platform that would replace both armies’ troop transports.
The Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development was based on the previous austrian project, the Kampfschützenpanzer 90 and the workload would be divided between the two industries, the spanish one would develop the hull meanwhile the austrian counterpart would take on the endeavor of creating the turret.
The austrian turret was based on the already proven SP-30 used on the recon variant of the Pandur I.
The first prototype was shown to the public in Siviglia during 1991 and tested a year later.
In 1996 it was ready for the production.
It would enter service under the name Pizarro in the Spanish Army and Ulan in the Austrian Army.

ASCOD LT-105 project:


The ASCOD LT-105 is a private development made by the joint venture ASCOD AIE with its own funds.
It was initially developed to be proposed as substitute of the SK105 of the austrian army, the vehicle proposed and completed in 1996 featured the South African LMT105 turret manufactured by Denel. The vehicle was demonstrated to both of the countries’ army but nothing came out of it.
In 1998 a new possibility came up and the ASCOD LT-105 project was trialed with the GDLS Low Profile Turret, tests were conducted in America but it didn’t spark interest by any buyer.

ASCOD LT-105/105LRF Turret:


In a last ditch effort, in the first half of the 2000, a prototype with the italian 105LRF turret made by OTO Melara was trialed and firing tests were conducted, this was probably aimed to either the italian army, that always valued the possibility of light tracked vehicle with heavy equipment, or to the spanish army that also had in service the VRCC Centauro.
The vehicle featured the impressive stabilized 105mm low recoil gun packed in the italian turret crewed by a gunner, a commander and a loader.
The gunner has at his disposal a thermal sight meanwhile the commander can aid the gunner through his own stabilized sight.
The gun is a 52-caliber 105mm low recoil cannon developed by OTO Melara and it can shoot any NATO 105mm ammunition, this includes APFSDS and HEATFS.
The FCS also features a laser rangefinder.
The ASCOD LT-105/105 LRF stores 14 ready to use ammunition in the turret and 26 spare ammunition in the rear of the hull.
It features a 7.62 coaxial machine gun and one mounted on the turret with around 4000 rounds at disposal.
On each side of the turret there are 4 76mm smoke greanade launchers.
Mobility wise the vehicle featured an MTU-8V-183-TE22 that produces 600hp/2300rpm and that push the vehicle up to 70km/h, the HSWL106C automatic transmission and steering gear (6 forward/6 reverse) made by Renk is what completes the package, this is what in use on the Pizarro.
The armor on the frontal arc of the hull is able to sustain 14.5mm at 500m and 7.62mm ammunition on the sides at blank range.
The ASCOD LT-105 can easily mount two armour packages to improve it’s capabilities:
the level 1 additional armor makes it able to withstand a direct hit from a 30mm cannon APDS fired from 1km, meanwhile the level 2 can increase the armor of the vehicle to able to withstand a 30mm APFSDS from 1km. These two packages can be easily mounted thanks to the bolt system that they are fixed with.
In addition, the ASCOD LT-105 can mount the SABBLIR ERA made by SBS.
The layout is quite standard as we find the engine compartment at the front on the right and the cabin of the pilot on the left, at the centre there is the turret and in the back is where the ammunition are stored.

Technical Information:




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