Errors in the designation of Me 410 variants

I did some research into the Me 410 and its many variants after noticing some inconsistencies between the in-game versions and their real life counterparts. These are some of the inconsistencies I noticed with the naming and/or portrayal of the aircraft in game.

  • Me 410 A-1/U4: Missing its two offensive 7.92 mm MG 17 machine guns. While the initial prototypes for the U4 modication saw the removal of the 20 mm MG 151s and 7.92 mm MG 17s to save weight, the production version of the U4 modification did not constitute the removal of any previous nose armament.

  • Me 410 B-1/U4: Misidentified as the Me 410 B-2/U4 in game. The real Me 410 B-2/U4 had two 30 mm MK 103 cannons mounted alongside the 50 mm BK 5 cannon in the undernose ordnance bay, replacing the 20 mm MG 151s and 13 mm MG 131s normally mounted in the nose. The in-game Me 410 B-2/U4 (which I am assuming was intended to represent the Me 410 B-1/U4) is also missing its two offensive 13 mm MG 131 machine guns, as once again, the production version of the U4 modification did not involve the removal of any nose armament. This additional armament would likely constitute an increase in battle rating from 3.0 to 3.3.

  • Me 410 B-6: Incorrectly referred to as the Me 410 B-6/R3 in-game. In reality, there was no B-6/R3 modication and the aircraft portrayed in-game is the baseline Me 410 B-6. The R3 modification involved the installation of a WB 103 gun pod and was never applied to the Me 410 B-6, as the B-6’s 30 mm MK 103s were built into the nose of the aircraft by default.


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Neither of the sources provided say that it was only the prototype modification that removed the armament. In fact, one of the sources specifies that the entire fixed forward armament was replaced when using the U4 modification.

Me 410 U4 modifications

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The source you are referring to only defines the initial prototype variants, as it also includes the DB-603G engine in its description of the Me 410 B, which was only used on the prototypes. Here is a source that discerns the prototype variants from the production ones (ignore the description of the Me 410 B-1/U-4 as it is completely incorrect): Messerschmitt Me 410

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