Error in the hangar screen

The error with the aircraft doing a flyover in the hangar screen has become worse. Rather than crashing into the ground, the aircraft has appeared on the runway upside down. The crashing aircraft has been something that has happened from time to time, but I have not seen this issue before. I just wanted to report it before it gets worse.

Why do it in the forum?
We can’t do jack about it, and there’s little to indicate that Gaijin read this.

I didn’t know that or know where to post this issue. I saw the heading of “community technical support” and thought that this is where I would report issues.

If I upset you I am sorry. I’m not trying to cause problems, just make someone aware of the issue. Please tell me where I should report this.

How do you get that profile pic?

If Gaijin doesn’t read these, where should you submit a bug report? Asking because I just posted one on this subforum… thanks.

Should maybe read the thread.

shot 2024.05.17 20.42.52 reporissue

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TBF Gaijin’s bug reporting process is a PITA.

It works when you use it properly, and the more it’s used properly the better it will become.