Error Code 11

After La Royal almost every launching of game (Steam client) end with Error Code 11. The only fix I notice is to file verification when Steam download some small data and then launch without problem. But next day, same story.

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I believe that I have answered this on the Steam Forums.

In your War Thunder install location;
There’s a Folder called “EasyAntiCheat”
Open that and run “EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe” as an Administrator.
You will see an Install Panel saying ‘Repair Service’ in the lower right hand side.
Click that and follow the instructions etc then restart the game

Other wise please update Windows as indicated by both AMD and NVIDIA FIRST. As indicated at their sites - then:
Please clear the cache, verify the files and remove all custom content.

Please report it here // Issues Select your Operating system etc. Or you can report it from the game under the Community tab in the hangar.


I did as you recommended, Repair Service did not prevent EC11 but deleting cache and then verify files from game client did fix it. So thx!

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