Error about Leclerc's armor

Hello, I don’t know where to put this topic considering the new forum aspect but I want to report a huge error about Leclerc’s armor in game. The information is about the Leclerc SXXI but I’m pretty sure it’s the same on the S2 and even the S1.

In game, there are only 3 reactive armor pads (and why are they only about 10mm and 250mm protection when the T80BVM has 250 and 600m protection, since these information are classified, why isn’t it equal in a more justice way?)

Anyway, a french military tank squadron’s leader is presenting his Leclerc on an army’s expert channel on Youtube, and he’s clearly saying that turret-edged casings contains ERA armor inside, but not only the latest case, ALL the cases of the turret. So the Leclercs should have ERA armor along all the turret (and if possible a better protection because what’s the point to have ERA armor if it can’t stop anything?)

Le CHAR LECLERC : l'arme absolue de l'@armeedeterre avec visite du poste de chef de char ! - YouTube this is the timecode, you can maybe activate english subtitles to verify but it seems an enough solid proof to me to have changes in game


IIRC there was a bug report on the old forum saying only the s21 should have era in the side, the s1 and s2 having composite.