Eremin's Yak-3 Reviews

I’d like to know if Eremin’s Yak-3 is worth grinding?

It’s like the tech-tree Yak-3 just with one MG less at a lower 4.0 BR.

Performance is good, just not very unique.

I can agree with that

Not very unique but yeah, it seems to be good vehicle considering it’s a Yak-3 at a lower battle rating. Just that the ammunition count is even lower than before and the damage output is slightly lower.

Is it worth selling? How much gaijin coin can I expect from it?

Practically nothing I’m sure

Maybe 10 GJN?

Yeah somewhere around that.

I dunno, Yaks are really popular (for good reason).

I’m guessing, after the initial high price spike, it will sell for 25ish GJN.

Maybe, but again, it’s a 4.0 vehicle.
I think it’s pretty good but it isn’t THAT broken.
But yeah, it could probably be sold for around 25GJN after some time has passed.

I remember the T-80UM2 being sold for around 30 GJN after the initial price spike, but now it’s 72 GJN.
That’s more than twice the original price!