ERA is beyond busted in this Game

Turms ERA on the LFP can tank DM53, T80s just absorb DM53 straight into their side from no 20metres away, with Chinas 99A i myself managed to tank several Hits from LOSAT on my ERA and one time i stood there repairing for like almost a minute and two Leos couldnt kill me as they kept shooting my Era blocks (granted they should have shot somewhere else but nonetheless) - i don’t think it would be able to do that in reality. Like yknow tank some LOSAT slinging giant metal rods at like 1,5km/s or over 600pen APFSDS from few metres apart, whats the reasoning for it being able to do that?

This seems like a personal failing. I’ve no issues going through it with 122s, and they’ve a worse round. Honestly little issue going through it with a 40mm either.

ERA certainly don’t seem to be saving me trying to spade Ruski stuff at any rate.


Personal failing when im tanking LOSAT with a 99A?

Now, i like to complain about relikt™®© whenever i get a chance

But kontakt-1?

Against DM53?

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Skill Issue. I somehow get through ERA with my PUMA Autocannon (30mm?)

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M322 is arguably one of the best rounds in the game

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And yet another who can’t read the whole Post.

Is it a Skill Issue of me when im tanking several LOSAT Rods with a 99A Era?

Which ERA?

And sure, nobody cares. 9/10 rounds will go through, but your 1/10 doesn’t mean it’s the most OP tank in the game.

No, thats a Skill Issue of the LOSAT. Although your ERA didn’t tank it but the armour behind it ;)

Nobody cares but you still reply?


My ERA was the only thing being damaged, i took zero DMG aside from losing a few ERA Blocks both against the LOSAT and when i was being bombarded by two Leos

Please use already created threads to discuss ERA.