gaijin put the rendering of the terrain in the tank’s sniper sight in battles in PC mode like snow grass and others for those of us who play on the console the aim is compromised we have to expose the vehicle more to be able to fire the shot but on the PC it does not render the vegetation of snow and grass etc : the tank Terrain in the tank’s camera vision sniper on in sniper mode tank battles without vegetation don’t make sense

You can go to options and turn it off I play on console as well if you need me to explain farther just ask.

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turn off the vegetation in console

When you go to options click ground battle settings and it should say remove grass from gun sight on the top.


cool dude you re cool man i didn t know that the game on the console is about 3 years old AND I DIDNT T KNOW THAT bro im laughing here seriously so many kills i lost because of this man thank you very much