Enlisted causing problems?

I’m really confused on this one war thunder was working perfectly then I played a bit of enlisted to try out the new update. I played a few matches ran into a slew of error problems then came back to war thunder and I’m getting errors after errors and server is unavailable when clicking the battle pass. I tried deleting the game and redownloading still can’t click on battle pass or even switch out vehicles it says internal error. Hope this isn’t true but war thunder worked perfectly until I loaded up enlisted then came back I’m going to continue trying to fix the situation but currently makes war thunder almost unplayable.

I’d do a hard powercycle of your console (shutdown to off, and unplug for 1-2 minutes or something,. plugin to restart) and see how that effects it (If you haven’t already).

Did it after the post also did a rebuild data base same results. I’m going to try deleting both war thunder and enlisted then redownload only war thunder and see if anything has changed. If that dose not work I have to locate all files and delete them all if any are left behind in case something got corrupt.

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Also just be aware, wifi sucks. Especially for this game, and likely enlisted.

Well deleted both enlisted and war thunder shut down the console and unplugged it to clear cache then rebuilt data base. Still get the same with the battle pass server unavailable and when I try to swap out vehicles it still says internal error. I’m going to go through everything and see if any save data is left over and delete everything and then re download and see if that fixes it.

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I commend you in your ability to even do some of this.

Hopefully you get some movement on it considering this’d be a situation where I’d be suggesting to a PC player to clear their cache and verifying files, which is usually the same as a hard power-cycle in a consoles case.

Well I deleted all the files related to war thunder and enlisted including control settings, saved option files, and whatnot then redownloaded war thunder. I still cant swap vehicles after around two mins in the hanger I can for the initial 2mins but afterwards just says internal error. The battle pass problem hasn’t changed either still says server unavailable done all I could do from my end out side of a complete data delete/wipe. Well hope devs find a fix I’d really like to finish my battle pass challenge and sink my teeth into enlisted for real and not delete all my saves for my other games.

You’d wanna post a ticket to support, or wait for more console players to come in with recommendations to be real.

Eh I usually just wait and see if more people are having this problem I have a feeling I’m alone on this one.

Well after i walked away for a bit and came back I can access the battle pass and swap vehicles. Wonder if this is caused by that new special offer popup window it started working again after 10mins of idling in the hanger. Slight update I can access the battle pass but all windows are blank.

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I’d try a relog to see if the battle pass stuff comes back, that is of course, after a couple of matches to have a bit of a jam… xD

Well I sadly had to do the one thing I did not to I reformated my console and deleted everything. Everything is working now just sucks deleting all my saves from my other games but it worked.

Dang that does suck…

I’d have thought there’d be some way of backing up those saves selectively like the old PS2 memory card setup.

There is but iv done this before many times and iv learned that sometimes that’s what’s needed. It happens i use to backup my saves but most of the time the problem returns due to the save so I don’t backup anymore.