Engine Switchoff

I have had this a couple times now, the F100 would be flying normally and the engine just turns off, there seem to be no way of restarting, pressing “I” seem to have done nothing at all. Anyone else have the problem?

The best way I find to restart my engine after turning it off is just throttle up again

Throttle is at 110% the whole time, some planes would suffer from this as they fly upside down but are able to restart auto, F100 doesn’t, plus I didn’t fly upside down even.

Oh I’m sorry I miss read it as you turned it off manually and couldn’t get it to turn back on.

Well if it’s just turning off randomly then idk what to say. I’ve never had that happen in any plane. So I guess all I could I could advise is throttling all the way down and up again

Not to be insulting but… are you sure you weren’t out of fuel?

I guess I’m too stupid to have thought about that 😂

Dem jets r thursty.
I asked because I have done this. lol


I have too. I’ve never done it in a jet, but somehow in a prop😂

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5:37 was what it said plus I was like 6 minutes into the match. The fuel gauge stopped ticking is what made me realise the engine has stopped.

Can you put a replay so we can see better what happened?

I’ll try, I’ve played a billion mysterious valley games today

Lol ok

Actually it wasn’t mysterious valley, LOL


That just happened again, I will give you the replay latter. My computer just broke down.


(apologies, not related to your original question)

Yeah, what’s with the hugely repeated mysterious valley maps…

I think it’s a ok map (especially for a symmetrical one)… but so many times…??

It’s just it is quite frequent I play this map, like 1/2 of my maps are mysterious valley, like I get it is a new map, but this is crazy high frequency.

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Can you do with this link?

Yes I can. Give me one second to look at it