Engine exhausting smoke while turned off?

Hello there!

I like the feature a lot to switch the engine on and off for noise reasons. The other thing is the visuals. Because a friend noticed while I hold a position with engine off, he can see clearly the exhaust smoke.
So what about the enemy?
Have even tested it with that friend and its srsly the same.
And thats strange and not that good. I mean while implementing this feature someone must have the same thoughts too. So maybe a bug? Or other intension to keep it in?

Makes a big difference when you stay motionless in the area to become almost unvisible and fumes make wobble wobble behind you.

May someone knows more? Can’t rly imagine iam the first one who noticed this.

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This looks like that you are describing a chopper issue.

Turning the engine off in prop Air RB (= no engine smoke & no sound) was always a valid strategy whilst diving on enemies from direct above for a real sneaky surprise attack - and it prevents contrails as another “early warning indicator”.

And with a damaged oil or water cooler you can cool the engine down with turning the engine off - and make it back to base with a mix of gliding and short intervals of engine power to maintain altitude…

But there is a similar bug with oil leaks in props - you still produce a smoke trail with a turned off engine - this makes zero sense as oil pumps are usually driven by the engine alone, so there can’t be smoke trail…

Thx for your time but i was speaking about ground vehicles^^’
Thought this was clear while reading my post. Or iam in the wrong forum area? oO

Lmao - i was actually wondering how long you could stay “motionless” with a chopper on auto-rotate…

Have a good one!


Is this persistent? Like did you restarted the client and it still does this? What vehicle?

WT is quite buggy and so you get random glitches in visual effects where the code seems to “forget” to do something.

not necessarily true, oil pumps can be driven by electricity or by gravity(driven pumps) as well as by the engine. and don’t try to argue this I literally just finished taking fuel systems in AMT school last week.

Seems its not a matter which vehicle in special. More a general issue.

Because i was onboard swedisch PzIV and my mate in the Begleitpanzer. We both switched the engines. But the smoke remins still animated.
Another mission where we noticed this smoke issue, we was same team, my vehicle was the Raketenjagdpanzer.