Enforcing ToS, banning multiaccount

When will something be done about account trading and people having several accounts?
It’s clearly stated in the Terms of Service (Gaijin Terms of Service):

3.4. The User shall not create multiple Accounts.
3.6. The User shall not sell (or buy), rent, exchange, or give away an Account.

Not enforcing these rules incentivizes or “allows” cheating:

  • Cheaters often buy new accounts after their previous one gets banned, as older accounts are harder to catch cheating (no 3+ k/d with 5 hours of playtime and such).
  • The vast majority of people who have several (or severalth) accounts have those because they either got banned previously (cheaters…), or want to sell the account.

I don’t think I have ever met someone who grinds a completely new account after “finishing” his main account for fun… Talked to many of them.
Grinding to sell it, or because a previous ban? Yep, all the time.

How would Gaijin do it? Hardware IP I guess, I don’t know. But an effective solution would cut back the cheater problem for sure.

So when will ToS 3.4 and 3.6 be enforced?

How can you prove that it is a multiple account held by 1 user?

Many SRE players have alt accounts, and every top squadron has many of them. Doesn’t seem to be a huge deal, as money is often spent in these accounts, and the user can only play one at a time.

Of course I know that many people do it at every level.
But I don’t think Gaijin/the players realise how important of a role it plays in the “supply chain” of cheating.

*btw if gaijin doesn’t give a f about these rules, they should just remove them from the ToS. I would easily let my new player friend try out a few rare special vehicles of mine. Not as long as those points are there.
Until it’s changed, I’ll keep reporting multiaccout users (except DOLLAR, he is a cool guy).

IP, hardware IP for example, definitely with some manual checking to avoid false positives.
And of course a form should be available to announce that several people use the same computer, that’s perfectly fine on a reasonable level (3 brothers in a household for example). The point is detecting machines with like 10+ accounts on them.
Kernel level anti-cheat could be another thing (could detect multiple accounts obviously), possibly harder to dodge too.
I understand that hardware IP can be spoofed, it’s still an extra step that would scare the less determined players away.