Enemy helicopters hover over our heliport for the entire round

In Realistic Battles mode, enemy helicopters fly directly to our airfield at the start of the game. Any of your helicopters will be killed by enemy helicopters from above the rear while respawning at the spawn point. He was there for the whole round, and anti-aircraft fire had no effect. And this problem is very common

Sounds like a valid hero to those who are upset at the heli spawns being at the start of matches…

Except they are also spawning first in a helicopter, and they are only going to be spawn camping the people who didn’t spawn first in a helicopter?

I wish we could see/hear if the helipad SPAA is going nuts before we spawn in. That would actually prevent people from getting cheap kills on people as they spawn.

You should almost see the helipad spawn flashing like the airfields do… If that doesn’t happen, maybe that should be a thing to suggest to fix this.

I don’t see an issue with someone racing from their spawn to the enemy heli spawn to stop that side of things for the team.

I agree that there is nothing wrong with spawning first in a heli to shut down enemy rocket rushers. Until a few months ago (when they broke starstreaks) I would regularly spawn first in the AH mk1 and kill a few kamovs using the starstreaks to stop them trading with our team and taking the points first. The issue with spawn camping the helipads is that there is no counterplay because of how bad spawn mechanics are done in War Thunder. Games like Battlefield have let you observe where you’re about to spawn for years.

In air, if there’s planes around the airfield the airfield flashes to tell you it has an enemy nearby.

This could easily be brought in for helipads if they haven’t got it already.