Enduring Confrontation Abuse

Missile Spam has always been a turn off for EC especially when it comes to mixing cold war ships with world war ships. There is one issue that is really taking advantage of EC games and giving abusers a seriously unfair advantage.

Take a look at this screenshot this player [warp] Scarlet_clover first place on the enemy team spawns in on the Douglas fires two missiles at the enemy convoy then leaves the ship. Over and over and over again. Note the 21 deaths 0 kills. Then from farming this is able to spawn in as a battleship.

Suggestion for resolution: Diminishing returns for leaving ships: if you leave your ship you must wait 1 minute for respawn. And every subsequent respawn after that adds an aditional minute to the wait.

Please do not let this abuse go on.


That is an idea.
Best posted in Suggestions I think. Will need more on adding time, does it reset, what if killed, etc.


Wonderful idea, but imho we should consider also EC dynamics.

Let’s take a simple case:
You and your teammates spawn near enemy convoy, play well for 20/30 minutes and destroy all enemy threats in this area.
Next enemy is at least 25/30km away…

What you should do?

Usually I leave my ship (no matter the conditions) and choose to spawn on a point where there’s more action.

I usually do the same if one of our bases is under attack.

Really do not want to be “punished” for leaving game in this cases, I’m just playing this game mode at it’s best (at least I hope so).

The trick is to find a key role to discriminate players who are literally playing from others who are behaving in the way described above.

Time of playing could be this key?

Punish players who play less than 5/10 minutes, leave and respawn as described, but not the others.

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…in addition…

Maybe a little bit drastic, but would be better to change this statement to “and every subsequent respawn doubles the time to wait”.

This will kill for shure any misbehave…

Personally I will not reset in any case, proposed time penalty can loose effectiveness.

In case of killed leave the possibility to respawn immediately, but not reset the “spawn time penalty”.

Even if player got killed, the spawn trick can be repeated.

To be honest, we need to amass a LOT of these exploits and ‘tricks’ people are using to actually start acting on those who are doing this sort of silliness.

I have no idea why it takes so much effort to get anyone to actually look into the exploits some of us highlight because they are that easy to see when you know what they are doing.

Wouldn’t it be better if EC was year locked rather than purely BR? Max 1918, 1941, 45 etc? It’s a really good game mode though locking it behind BR 4.7 seems a bit mean. Completely excludes coastal top tier, getting to 4.7 might be a breeze for some of the sparser naval trees though I don’t see why lower tiers in the larger trees or coastal shouldn’t qualify for it.

Did wonder how people were getting BCs and BBs so quickly though.

Thank you for your reply. I feel like this being a strictly naval problem that it would be best posted here first. My suggestion is for leaving the ship, not getting killed. getting killed at least lets the other team get points.

Thank you for your reply. To be honest any wait time would be fine with me as long as it prevents this abuse.

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thank you for your reply and I agree. But I suspect year locking will not be a thing until there are more modern missile ships. Nothing would spoil navy more than having an arleigh burke firing missles at Yamato. That is a conversation for another time.

I would say that if you leave the ship and respawn within the window of lets say 5 minutes then it adds the diminishing return. If you leave your ship, span in and play for 30 minutes then there is no diminishing return.

Also thank you for your reply. :)

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Ehh locking EC’s by year is a terrible idea as picture the 1918 one, The US could only used dreadnoughts, the Ger one cruisers a Battlecruiser and dreadnought battleships, Rus a destroyer and dreadnoughts, Brits a destroyer and dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers + a large light cruiser, JP a few destroyers one Armoured Cruiser, a few Battleships, Italy just Battleships & french again a Battleship ntm no aircraft at all.

It would be okay for 1941 & 1945 although you would still find quite a lot of “CoAsTaLs” (cough ocean going warships shafted into insane requirements that get murder by all Rank I’s cough) ntm you would be excuding a lot of ships that were either build during WWII or have armament from that war and this isn’t TT based either take the Des Moines class Heavy cruiser built during WWII but entred service post war or the Ayanami class Destroyer it uses WWII equipment although it was built in 1956 or the Type 12 frigates from 1951 that have the same armament as the Battle class (Group I although different turret housing).

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First off don’t reply with a thanks that just repetitive & annoying covering a post in thanks (imho) just use the glorious heart, But I would argue a few ideas could work here.

A, Simply put the Furious perk of the fallout series the more you use on a single thing the harder it hits, What does that translates to WT? The more you respawn the higher the repair gets although for this poxy premium arseville class the repair is quite small so it’ll take awhile to accumulate (could force an EC repair cost to all ships and that arseville class starts at 10k and adds a 5k every death).

Or make a designated leave spot which won’t cause a repair but makes for some down time and probably gives a 1-5 min penalty but with harbours in EC once you get near you reload anyway.

B, we take the old system from ASB EC were you bail from a machine you’re penalised by a timer iirc in EC it was 30 minutes so hoping out certain missile ships to quickly you get the 30 min timer

C, Probably in combination with A or B but increased the reloading time of the missiles to a minute (iirc it’s only 30 seconds to reload the missiles so it just shows that player is really impatient) An heh I know patience in this game waiting 20 minutes to reload one belt to all six cannons on the destroyer JDS Ayanami DD-103 in EC once…

A surprise they don’t just shell the AK’s with the 3"/50 cannon they have would’ve taken less time then constantly repawning too.

Either these get implemented or get a buddy with all the AA/CIWS to screen certain locations against missile ships.

I do not know the ways and dances of decision making, but what does work is a unified voice on what the EC community would like.
HOWEVER herding cats is easier than herding gamers so someone who can spend 24/7 to the effort is needed (does not need to make a policy, just promote something the community mostly likes. )

I doubt 1918 would be that popular though WW2 setting would totally work. Otherwise you’ll always have ships that could never have faced each other. Ones with autoloaders or ASMs are always going to be a problem.

Though with more folders coming you’d presume they could add a wider range of ships at the BRs.

Hello again, You’ve mentioned automatic artillery pieces but I feel I should mentioned if you give a 1945 setting you still include several such pieces take the 3"/50 Mk.22 cannon found on Mk.33 / Mk.34 mounts for the ships from 1945 with those cannons would still fight your other 1945 ships.

Anywhom onto AShM’s and a tip this is for all modes anyway but if you see them coming you can turn away and dump smoke which can block LoS to the missile platform which can see a missile miss, Also if you have AA or even more importantly HE-VT ammunition you can destroy incoming missiles (better with radar) and all else fails a few depth charges can set off the missile (done this a few times in EC lol).

Still a 1945 date does mean quite a lot of destroyers, cruisers, and future battleships will miss out on such a mode and if say a 1960 base mode gets added then you would still fight all the equipment many wouldn’t want to face (eeech picture a 1995 mode were it’s only three vessels fighting).

I’m not certain folders will do any good unfortunately as the MM still goes by rank.

Typical engagement ranges in EC are pretty long…

3" wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. Though why would a 1945 ship fighting in 1945 be a problem?

Find the missile firers quite easy to deal with myself though it’s still a bit weird that you could potentially have a modern ship fighting a WW1 ship.

Doesn’t make any sense to me…

It seems to me that there are worse things to get upset over than someone leaving their ship after using all their missiles.

Anyhow my suggestion is to shoot them when they spawn…

Yes, of course, but it’s (one of many) unfair play and imho can be limited very easily.

Lot of issues and problems, yes, but this means what?
Must start fixing them from somewhere, don’t we agreee?

I will never understand the ideology behind the statement “ah yes we have bigger problems, so we do not care about small ones”

A problem is a problem…