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The BMR-625 VEC is an amphibious 6x6 vehicle, intended for cavalry reconnaisance that entered service in 1980. As a derivative of the well known BMR, the VEC retained most components from the BMR, with a different hull shape and internal distribution. The main VEC variant featured an italian TC-25 turret, manufactured under license by Santa Bárbara, armed with the M242 Bushmaster cannon, and also an MG3 7.62mm machinegun

In 1994 a modernization process was started. New features include additional armor to protect against 14.5mm ammunition, a new, lighter Scania DS9-61A245MIL engine producing 310 horsepower, and a covered exhaust to reduce the thermal signature of the vehicle. This upgrade was the VEC-M1.

As far as I could read at various websites and forums, at some point the thermals from the AMX-30E2s were fitted to the vehicle. From what I could find online, this was not part of the M1 upgrade package, but rather a separate upgrade. If anyone could provide information on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Technical specifications
Weight: 17,000kg
Length/Width/Height: 6.10 meters, 2.5 meters, 2.5 meters
Powerplant: Scania DS9 6-cylinder 9-liter engine, 310 horsepower @ 2200 rpm
Transmission: ZF 6HP500, six forward speeds, one reverse
Power-to-weight ratio: 18.2 hp/ton
Maximum speed on road: 99 kph

M242 Bushmaster 25mm autocannon
MG3 7.62mm machinegun




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Congrats on your first suggestion!
+1, great potential premium IFV for Italy.


I hate premiums.
A sub-tech tree IS the logic option.
There IS a versión with a 20 mm and other with 90 mm from decomisied AML

+1 for a Spanish tree

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+1 good event/premium or even squadron veichle for the Italian tree

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It IS a glorious sugesttion.

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+1 it would fit nice in italian tech tree


+1 for potential Spanish Tech Tree

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