How do you change your Email address? With this new format it has some random email address.

If you contribute for a day or two, you will be able to PM people. Why would you want to give out your email info, so you get more spam in your email mailbox?

No I don’t want to give it out it’s so Gaijin can email me. Also, I moved to a different state and most likely want to update my email. Yet, there is no option for that.

The email displayed on your forum account is just an internal gaijin thing. It is not actually any email account tied to you.

For email related concerns, contact Support.

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Then how does one change their email?

In fact one needs the correct email in order to post on line as they send you a code verification to post.

Your account is tied to your email, so they already have it. If you want to change your email, you would have to contact them and they MAY change it (they don’t like doing that). I guess they are like that, as they don’t like people selling their WT accounts and then people switching their email address.

You can change your email address in your Gaijin account/profile settings.