Electro-optical active protection system somehow works against SACLOS

i just realize this after i faced premium ZTZ96A in IT-1
isnt that thing only works for Laser based aiming like beam riding ATGM, hellfire, spike, pars LR etc?
manual controlled missiles like MCLOS and SACLOS are no supposed to be affected by this feature because it’s wire guided…



JD3 specifically affects SACLOS guidance and that’s the category 3M7 is in


Thanks to the JD-3 jammer on the sides of the turret, some missiles that are in the way of your turret frontal arc will find it impossible to do any harm to you; do keep in mind that this only applies to SACLOS missiles, wire-guided or beam-riding missiles can still do lethal damage since those are not affected by the jammer. ZTZ96A (P) - War Thunder Wiki

That’s how it is by design in the game, good luck finding actual real life data on the performance and effectiveness of the cancelled chinese APS (it’s probably not that different from russian though)

but 9M7 is radio controlled and JD-3 is laser jammer
why would radio affected by laser jammer

SACLOS works by having a IR beacon on the rear of the missile which the launching vehicle uses to determine offset to the aimpoint. Softkill APS basically simulates the IR beacon, which means the launcher will see a missile beacon in the wrong location and thus send wrong steering inputs.
The transmission method of those steering inputs, wire or radio for example, does not matter

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why would radio guided missile uses IR beacon?
it supposed to have radio receiver instead, no?
also, source?

The radio (or wire) is only for sending the guidance commands to the missile.

The IR Beacon is for calculating where the missile is relative to your crosshair, which is required to automatically adjust its flight path


you said

impying it also affect wire-guided but in-game it only affect SACLOS but not wire guided

also i still havent receive the source of your claim

Many SACLOS systems are wire guided. Whether jamming works or not depends on how old the system is.
Newer systems like TOW-2B have pulsed IR beacons on the rear that act as encryption for the tracking signal the launch unit is looking for. Older systems like IT-1, TOW, Konkurs etc. just have a continuous emitting beacon that’s easily jammed.

It depends on what tech the system uses, older systems are more prone to jamming as tech advanced, most work by spoofing missile tracking system on the launcher. Sure the meathode is rather old but even modern systems like MUSS still use it.



Please go to places like wikipedia if you want to know more about the diffrent types of missiles and tracking systems. They are not good enough for bug reports but they are more that good enough to grasp a understanding.

Semi-automatic command to line of sight - Wikipedia