[EEZPZ] - Good to Great Players is Recruiting

EEZPZ is looking for players for a casual clan for squads/platooning. We are looking for players with 55% WR and 60% Relative Position in Team. Some exceptions may apply.

We primarily play Tanks AB on US/EU servers, though sometimes you may find some people playing Arcade Planes or even Ships.

We have a discord. drop by and inquire https://discord.com/invite/kspRP6m4bn

We’re a smaller clan that values quality over quantity, so if you’re looking for a tighter group of people as opposed to a massive clan, then [EEZPZ] might be right for you.

Respond here, message me directly or on our discord above should you be interested or have any questions!

Recruited a few new members, so welcome aboard those that reached out, but still in the market for a few more [EEZPZ] friends!

Apply today to receive a free toaster!

[EEZPZ] has now reopened the search for new applicants. We’ve now expanded into naval fully.

If you’re looking for quality teammates that can help lead you to victory, or maybe even help teach you the ins and outs of the game, come on down.

Free toasters still available!

Drop on by and meet the team: