[EEZPZ] - Good to Great Players is Recruiting

EEZPZ is looking for players for a casual clan for squads/platooning. We are looking for players with 55% WR and 60% Relative Position in Team. Some exceptions may apply.

We primarily play Tanks AB on US/EU servers, though sometimes you may find some people playing Arcade Planes or even Ships.

We have a discord. drop by and inquire https://discord.com/invite/kspRP6m4bn

We’re a smaller clan that values quality over quantity, so if you’re looking for a tighter group of people as opposed to a massive clan, then [EEZPZ] might be right for you.

Respond here, message me directly or on our discord above should you be interested or have any questions!

Recruited a few new members, so welcome aboard those that reached out, but still in the market for a few more [EEZPZ] friends!

Apply today to receive a free toaster!