EBR 1951 - a steaming pile of garbage

So I’ve been going through the French line and I got to the EBR 1951.
Now I could see this tank doing pretty well - except whoever put this tank at 5.3 BR apparently doesn’t play the game.

It features -
-not much faster over the FL11
-suffers from the poor traction model in the game
-bigger target
-same gun/turret ammo as the FL11
-can fight 6.3 tanks
-fights a lot of tanks it cant pen even from the rear
The only advantage is it can go just as fast in reverse.



There is the better 1954 variant with an Autoloader, but of course it was an Account Only Event Vehicle that players are not allowed to have.

And there is even a HEATFS variant at around 6.3/6.7 but that too, is an Event vehicle. Tradeable, but it costs well over a hundred GJN already.

The EBR situation for France is yet another symptom of Gaijins Russian nationalism, hence why I almost never touch the French Tech Tree.


It’s honestly amazing.

If you’re facing an M22.

My opinion is the same, I find it so hard to play, I much prefer the FL11, as it is smaller and less ugly

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It’s funny that the 1954 used to be 4.7 (?) when it was first introduced.

It has gone up in Br repeatedly since its introduction because statistically it has been overperforming at those lower br’s. Its only lacking feature is the gun, which is a drawback but if you are playing it like a light tank as you should, then you are scouting for your teammates and only using your gun either to disable enemies, by shooting tracks or gun barrels, or shooting people from the side where the gun is effective. It would have been nice to see the other versions as TT vehicles as opposed to event ones, but the one in the tree is far from useless

  • shoot tank in side (non pen)
  • shoot barrel (nothing happens)
  • shoot track (nothing happens)

The gun is so weak at this BR you cant do anything to a lot of tanks. And asking you public match teamates to kill stuff you spot is a hard thing to do.

It should be 4.3 max. Even the FL11 is tough to play because all you fight are KV series tanks which you have to be at the most perfect exact up close angle to pen from the side.

So because some players were good with it they up BR it, meanwhile they leave the puma at 3.3? Even the puma with the big gun is only 4.7.


I find the FL11 very easy to use, small and speedy it’s perfect

Its a good tank - but if you’ve ever shot a KV in the side youll know true suffering.

The 1963 is not 6.3/6.7 it’s at 7.7 now. None of the EBRs seem particularly favourable in BR, the 54 at 6.7 is the best probably.
The issue with the 1963 (the HEAT-FS one), is there’s nothing it can do the AML-90 can’t, it’s just the AML-90 but bigger and slower. Bit more resistant to planes shooting it, and I admit when I last used it, it was still quite good.

But yeah the 51 at 5.3 is very odd, the M24 is a better vehicle at 3.7. It’s high up enough that if it were any higher it’d be unusable, it’s a light tank at a BR where it cannot penetrate any of the more common medium tanks at the BR from the front which is a rarity.


It went through

There’s no HEATFS variant at 6.7.
You’re thinking 7.3, which AMX-13-90 is superior to.
Gaijin isn’t Russian.

Again, that’s not 7.3 anymore it’s 7.7

AMX-13-90 is even more superior now then.

The HEATFS one is like 7.7 and it absolutely sucks, one of the worst tanks I’ve played in the game

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It’s not even bad, it’s just confusing why it’s not the same BR as AML-90, it’s basically just a slight downgrade compared to that vehicle, why it’s 7.7 is confusing.

Since when is Gaijin not Russian?

Since before 2021.

Slower, larger and more sluggish using one of the worst HEAT shells for its BR

Since 2015

The EBR has the same reverse as forward speed. This makes it excellent for retreating and to get into firing positions. It has also very good top speed. The side armor of 5.3 tanks is pretty much the same as at 3.7 and APHE one shots a lot of the time.