Easy fix for planes that are forgotten

Today I wanted to share with you all my thoughts about some planes that are currently in the Italian Tech Tree with more than subpar capabilities compared to similar ones in other Tech Trees and how to fix them with quick changes and historical ones.
-F-104G ability to carry 4 aim-9J as the german F-104G (all F-104G should be the same, both for flares and missiles, the difference in loadouts doesn’t make sense since it is not related to a difference in BR), being the same plane is able to carry the same payload, the fact that was not used in service doesn’t restrain it from having the ability to carry 2 more sidewinders
-F-104S ASA ability to carry 4 aim-9L/I-1 (aim-9M equivalent), being at 11.3 faces similar planes (mirage F1) with missiles with the same capability of the 9M (magic 2).
-F-16ADF ability to carry aim-120 and aim-9L/I-1 (that was the historical loadout) if needed add another F-16ADF “late” with those or change the current one and add a F-16A block 10 that were shipped to italy for spare parts


I agree, F-104s should recieve buff that they need! They are really undeperfoming rn on their BRs