Easy Anticheat: False positive. FaceTracknoIR

For a long time Easy Anticheat does not allow to use the FaceTracknoIR software which is to control the pilot’s view in simulator. It is not malicious software, it still blocks the game. After many years I went back to simulator and still the problem with Easy Anticheat blocking the game when using FaceTracknoIR.

I hope you manage to solve this before my death…


Hello! Any luck this problem is fixed? I cannot run facetracknoir with warthunder.
Although I suspect that I might be having some more problems, because it does not work even with Easy Anti Cheat turned off.

Well, I could not set FaceTrackBoIR to work, but I did the job with Opentrack. Works with Warthunder well.
The settings that worked for me are:

no other input than neuralnet tracker and output “freetrack 2.0 enhanced” worked. Also, the hamilton filter did the best filtering. I am using my smpartphone camera with USB and “Device connected as webcam”

Also, Easy Anti Cheat does not mess with it at all

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