Easy anti cheat not recognizing aces.exe


Well, after playing a few days with easy anti cheat on, suddenly I had to go to the grocery store and when I came back and logged on again, bam! easy anti cheat can not recognize game client (aces.exe) and WT refuses to start.
Please help-

Yours truly

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  1. Go to the game folder and uninstall EAC
  2. Delete aces.exe from the Win32 folder
  3. Delete aces.exe from the Win64 folder
  4. Start the launcher

The launcher will download the EAC as well as the new version of the aces.exe for Win32 and Win64. Once it’s done, try launching the client, the issue should be fixed.



Do I delete the whole EasyAntiCheat Folder???

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It doesn’t let me delete it, why?

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no idea - you’ll need to check your permission settings

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Thank you so much! I got the same problem and already thought I would need to reinstall the whole game.

Quite welcome and glad it worked!

Absoulte fucking legend.

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Thank you so much!

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