Easy anti-cheat - big problem!

hello I want to ask about that ANTICHEAT (easy anticheat) , I heard that they hacked into the APEX game (I don’t know if it was a game or easycheat) installed a cheat to players in live streaming!! when they hacked into EASY ANTICHEAT, we have to worry that they will also hack into our PCs. When they installed software on players’ computers, I am afraid that our PC privacy (internet banking, photo, documentary and more) will be stolen. Will you take any action against this??


I still forgot to write that this message is ± 10hours old

All anticheats have similar issues with how they can be abused if compromised, if you’re so concerned I recommend not playing until more information and EAC patches are out

oh man this is the first i’ve heard about this… this also has me worried now after reading up on it.