East German T-72AG

Hello, This is a old photo of the East Germany T-72AG i wanted to share with y’all
T-80UD Main Battle Tank | Military-Today.com

where is it

Idk i just found it on the web

no I mean I don’t see a picture

then uh like, post it

oh sorry, its somewhere in East Germany

try to refresh ur page


Anyway, the NVA didn’t use the T-80.

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I think it was to test there troops maybe?

i meant the T-72AG 😂

That didn’t even exist at the time of the NVA, it’s a Ukranian T-72 upgrade from 1997.

this is the t72ag and it is Ukrainian not German…



East Germany has some, but i don’t think they use it really

how ? is a different variant or the germans used a time travel machine to import a version that was first revealed 7 years after the unification, it would be fine if you provide any source aside from a broken link to a photo that you first claimed to be a t80UD…

I never said i wanted this as a vehicle, i just thought it’d be cool to show y’all

man, to show what? you have failed to show the “east german” t-72ag.

T-72AG is a tank from the late 90s and its Ukrainian, there is no East German T-72AG.

i think OP is a troll, so take it with a grain of salt (even though a DDR 72AG never existed)

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