Earn the PLZ 83-130 in the Inferno Cannon Event!

Looking at the marketplace, these events become more and more ridiculous. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but the PLZ83-130 can be bought instantly for… 15 GJN!

In some countries you can get 15$ after like 1-2 hours of work.

To get that coupon you needed 600k score in 14 days, which makes it almost 43k score per day. That’s more than crafting events, and you were forced to get this score in Ground (which is the slowest score from all game modes).

It’s also interesting to note that Gaijin valued this vehicle as 899 GE * 7 stages = 6293 GE in total. This is about 30$, if you buy 10k GE at the store. It’s really worth to just wait a bit for the marketplace, if you want to buy the event vehicle without grinding it, paying GE for stages doesn’t make much sense.

I suspect the current event rank 3 Eremin’s Yak-3 plane will be worth even less, probably 10 GJN or less on the marketplace. I seriously feel sorry for players who want to make GJN this way. The amount of grind required to get the coupon compared to the vehicle GJN value is just ridiculous with these new events.


Lmao i knew it from the moment this event was released that this vehicle would be sold for a dime. Grinding the 7 medals was relaxing,knowing selling it was useless. I know have a fun 7.3 tank that costs less that the Su-76D (another tank i got for free by opening my second toolbox)

F for those who grinded through the 600k points

That Yak3 is at 4.0 AND is a premium for USSR. It will start at 20GJN at least.
I expected the PLZ to be 20-30GJN, but the starting price doesn’t surprise me as it’s a vehicle for a minor nation AND it doesn’t have a lineup. If it were placed at 7.0, I think the asking price would be that 30GJN I predicted. It also has a realistical chance to get to 7.0 since it really is not performing that great where it is right now, so I am holding off selling it for now.

Not really, I usually got over the daily 40k points requirement just by trying to complete daily tasks for BP, so I really just got free coupon (which will pay for my next BP) as a byproduct of BP grinding.

We will see. This is actually interesting, because this is the first rank 3 premium vehicle in the new event cycle. If I knew it will cost e.g. 5 GJN, I wouldn’t even grind the event. I would just buy it at the marketplace. But because I’m not sure about the price (and I fear a bit it may cost more than I think it will), I’m grinding the event.

The Yak-3 is just a copy-pasted tech tree plane. There is absolutely nothing unique about it, so I really don’t think it will be that expensive. I grind it only because I really like how the Yak-3 performs. It’s one of my favorite planes in the game, so I just want to have a premium version of it.

At the same time, the vehicle is definitely unique and you can get a very good gun at a relatively low BR. At 7.3 you can kill basically anything with this gun. The Object 292 is pretty much all about the gun as well, and its price was high on the marketplace. Maybe just because it was the very first event in the new cycle, I don’t know.

It probably makes sense to wait with selling it or just activate it. In my opinion this whole grind wasn’t worth 15 GJN. I’m surprised players sell this vehicle for that price to be honest. After all, it is a bit unique vehicle with the “IS-7 gun”. You can feel like the IS-7 player in a full downtier. Of course I’m joking ;).

Which means you could easily do the crafting events the same way (42k per day required, the new events require 43k per day). The difference is, during crafting events you could get 2 vehicles for 42k per day and you could play any game mode you wanted. Now you are restricted to specific game mode and can only get 1 vehicle for 43k per day.

I understand your logic. If you play that much daily anyway, you see this as just something extra (even if that was 1 GJN). But it’s a fact you get much less now for the same effort as before.

I complete daily tasks much quicker than grind 42-43k score, so I’m not doing the new events fully. I don’t think it’s worth the extra grind. The vehicle coupons value was bad even in the old events cycle, but I still grinded and sold some of them. Now it’s pathetic in my opinion and it’s just not worth my time.

Well,the key (at least for me) is having a primary goal and having the medal be considered a secondary goal

For example,i wanted to speed up the grind of the M1A2 and the 120S,and guess what: i finished the research for both of them while doing the event

All pros and no cons

Now i’ll reduce the grind (currently grinding the M551 lol) and wait for the Summer Sales to buy and try both the M1A2 and the 120S (already knowing full well that the M1A2 is garbage and i’ll simply stick again to the M1A1/HC lineup)

Hang on, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the event Yak-3 slightly unique? It has the armament of the Yak-9 but aircraft of yak-3. So wouldn’t it be almost better than the yak-3? That is the 4.3 one

depends on what Yak-9 you are talking about, but its slightly faster and has one 12.7mm and one 20mm compared to the normal Yak-3’s two 12.7mm and one 20mm

I guess it depends what is a unique vehicle for you.

For me it’s just a Yak-3 with 1 less gun at a slightly lower BR:

At least it will be at a different BR, so I guess you could call it slightly unique in this sense.

BTW: I’m not complaining about this reward. Imo it’s fine as a reward. It’s just not nice it requires so much grind. In old events these low rank premium vehicles were pretty much free in Summer/Winter events (you would get them at the stage 4 just by grinding 8 stages for event vehicles). Now it’s a separate event you have to grind.

The early ones.

Well yes, I was just making sure I’m not crazy and there was already a yak-3 like that in game :)

Same, hopefully it’s the first I don’t have to spend GE on to get :)

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Is normal that low price. The main redward of this event is a no premiun sniper tank wihtout any good lineup posibility, added when Gaijin is removing almost every sniping spot and map from the game.

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Come on, Gaijin. Make it 6.7 where it truly belongs.
It doesn’t deserve 7.3 and it doesn’t have a lineup at 7.3.