Earn the Churchill AVRE in the Operation Overlord Event!

Just wait till some memer dunks MBT’s with it somehow.

Its an gimick vehicle. Its unplayable with the way the gunners sight is set up its not going to be used in-game by anyone…

Hello, I am a huge fan of the AVRE chrchil. Will it be available to purchase with golden eagles? Normally I would grind for it, but I got hospitalized Monday, and I’ll be here till Sunday, minimum. I have a laptop but it’s over a decade old and can’t run war thunder… Thank you for your time.

Yeah buy the stars every 2 days about 700GE for each I think

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You could do what @Razielkaine said and buy the stars for GE, which you can do though the WT assistant app on your phone, if you can’t launch the game on your laptop. Or you can just wait a few more days after the event ends and it off of the market place. Probably won’t go for more than $15 at the most. That’s cheaper than buying the GE for all the days, and let’s you skip the pain of grinding for it :)

Also, sorry to hear that your hospitalized. Hope you get better!

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Erm actually 🤓☝️ it’s 699GE


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I let the intrusive thoughts win… I’m now ashamed of myself and disowned by my family 😂


And your only way to redeem yourself, is by performing Seppuku?




how do you buy the stages for GE? my friend can’t figure out how


Yeah I give up, I started trying for it and I just can’t scrounge up the will to grind 17.5K score a day for a rank II reward.

Its hard to throw this much grind and effort into a single mode for a low tier vehicle that requires me to get within spitting distance of enemies, especially since they modeled the mortal in the breech this morning which means your armor won’t matter when they can simply fire a shell into the massive exposed high explosive barrel.

The grind is too bloody much.


Had to minimize the game, mid match, mid grind, to express my utter dissatisfaction with the score chosen for this measly Rank II almost-meme vehicle.

Not only is the current meta of different ranks plagued with sweaty players who plays as if their damned lives depended on it; it also seems allies tend to lack several fingers and a vast majority of one of their cerebral hemispheres. Bottom line is, achieving consistent scores in matches (wether you win or lose), is markedly hindered by team composition and/or uptiering.

25k or 30k with the ability to use Rank II vehicles included would have made this much more palatable. Or extending stages to 3 days.

Dissappointed at the Snail, once again. -nb

EDIT: Also, the “Buy Stage for GE” option should be proportional to the amount of % of stage completed, instead of the current nonsense of 50% off at 90%, then 75% off at like… 95%? What were they drinking when they put that joke together?


I manage 35.000 Points in Arcade at 4.0 (Tier 3) in about 3 to 4 hours

Next time someone says WT is PTW tell them to buy this…

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Having manually grinded this event and timing myself, at Rank 3 (4.7 BR to be exact) with what I think to be a fairly average performance (sometimes things get really unlucky and I leave with 300s mission score, other times I come out really well with like 4-6 kills and 2000s mission score, rare matches that exceed or is lower than those two numbers, and everything else in between), each half-a-star (which is my daily goal) takes around 3 hours. Across 12 days of this event, that is 36 hours for a low BR meme tank. Good grief.

After grinding out the event to get the upgraded coupon… i need a break lol

I had to dip into Rank 2 (CRB) China after a long time of playing rank 3 - rank 6 to get 20k score with the BP P51C and Jesus Christ!!! I was not prepared for that. All the omniscient sweaty terminators were there 360 noscoping everyone trough 3 hills and 5 forrests. Can’t imagine being a completely new player and getting to face… whatever that was.

Anyway, if it makes you feel better, I managed all the stages of the AVRE just by trying to finish daily tasks for BP. Except the last one. The game pissed me off yesterday so much by volumetric BS, helicancer BS, ghost shell BS, misaligned building hit box BS, one death leaver BS and other just bizzare BS… that the second I finished my tasks I ALT F4 the game immediately. Only to realize just now that I am 7k score short for the last task and in no way able to finish it since I am at work until 5PM today :D and I won’t spend whatever full stage GE they ask for the task because I am missing 7k points lmao.

I just looked into that and that’s more than double what I had to grind to get the vehicle in the first place! Good luck to you, sir!

I’m in an even funnier situation:

And no, I’m not going to spend 349 GE to get the last star. The vehicle is just not worth it. To be honest, I wouldn’t even pay 1 GE for it, because I know this tank will only be annoying to play (unless you are very drunk, but then you won’t even remember playing it anyway ;)).

I may have considered 349GE… but 699? Lmao nope.

Why even is the discount almost at the end of the mark? So scummy and stingy.