EAC tripping or my bad wifi?

so… ill send a screenshot of the 4th this happening, tell me what is happening,
also im on MacOS


If you’ve got antivirus, ALWAYS exempt the folder from the scanner.

If that doesn’t fix it or apply, go into the game folder with the game closed, find the EAC folder, and run the setup in there as admin (Right click, run as admin) and in there ‘repair service’, and try again.

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im on macbook so the second option dosent work, ill try the antivirus

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got kicked in 45 secs

i dont have ideai tried the antivirus thing, im gonna remove one of the antivirus

now in 1:10

im reinstalling war thunder

The same thing happened to me. I’m also on Mac, Ventura 13.6.7 if that matters.

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uff i reinstalled it, it dosent work, eac is stupid

a 12 year old could make a better Anti cheat

also, when i try to open war thundet this message shows up:

Do you want the “WarThunder.app” application to accept incoming network connections?

if you click “allow” or “not allow” nothing changes, it always kicks me.
i even try to give it access/deny tru the settings app on Mac

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the only thing that Gaijin says when i try to resolve this problem
“The game client has been launched without enabled EAC, in a session where EAC is required.”

Hello there.
I was just about to post a new article about the same exact problem you have here.
I play also on macOS.
When you start the game do you also have a strange message about ‘Firewall protection’??
Glad to see its not only my problem.

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Same here. It’s the message about Firewall thing I was saying before.
I can assure its not an antivirus problem =(

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I have the exact same problem as well. Also on MacOS and with the message about the network connection.

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We have all the same problem , all about the firewall

And no one helps us

I opened a ticket and they just came back to me asking for a system report to check. I will keep you updated.

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Thanks, if they say a ything helpful copy paste here

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same problems everywhere , I dont have a firewall problem. Just getting kicked. MAcOS Ventura.