EAC Issues with AVAST


Since the recent Alpha Strike update, EAC has been crashing the game client due to file " aswAMSI.dll " which is Avast’s anti malware feature. It is stating it is an untrusted process. I have tried disabling Avast as well as deleting this specific file (which did not allow me to delete). Is there a fix?


Hey there. Not a War Thunder or Gaijin employee but I do work in Cyber Security as a Senior Analyst.

  1. Avast should have an “exceptions” list you can add to. Add the entirety of your War Thunder folder to the list if you want to stop Avast from scanning the files within this folder. This should stop you from getting that issue.

  2. Avast isn’t actually very effective and you’d probably be surprised to hear you do not need an Anti Virus. Your Operating System - Windows, comes with Defender, which comes right from Microsoft and is updated every Tuesday with the lastest entries into a giant database of known malware, ransomeware, etc and is optimised for your system. If you suspect you’re infected or you wish to make sure - Malwarebytes is a great free tool, but other than that, you don’t actually need a 3rd party AV, especially not Avast.