EA-6B Prowler - We Need HARM's in Ground RB

With the Pantsir basically making everything not Russian aircraft useless at top tier in Ground RB, the EA-6B would be the perfect foil for this OP SPAA. Moving the air spawn further than 20km from the ground portion of the map would help as well, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

With the A-6 model already in-game, only a few load out modifications would be required to make it work. RWR already exists and I don’t see how it could be that hard to allow a missile to home in on a radar source. Putting AGM-88 HARM Anti-radiation missiles on a turbofan air frame would help balance out their overall usefulness once the SPAA had been dealt with. Introduction of the AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System (TJS) would bring a true support role to the game. One pod would have to be used to jam each ground SPAA, so multiple pods and maintaining their targets would balance out their effectiveness, as would the EA-6B’s complete lack of any Air-to Air ordnance.

If that wasn’t a consideration, the A-4, F-100, F-105, several F-4 variants as well as the F-16 Block 50 were also used to hunt ground based Anti-Air emplacements using HARM missiles. Germany and Italy both utilize the Tornado equipped with the Alarm missile as dedicated SEAD platform, while the UK used the Tornado GR.4 with the same missile until 2013.

Instead of only gaining points for kills and captures, players could help their team mates by protecting their teams air assets and letting them deal with ground targets while still being rewarded with a system similar to the “Supporting Fire” reward currently in place for squad mates.


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As off today, I would like to see HARM on the Blk 50 and other platforms. Would be nice for air sim as well.



We need a complete RADAR/RWR rework

But when that happens, I want the SideARM


Yeah, 100% the reason I want ALARM as well. Sure slapping Pantsirs would be fun, but I really want my revenge on the Gepards

totally agree on that though, not only do we need better RWR interface and capabilities, but I doubt the current set-up would allow for ARM


😭what did the poor GRB gepards do???
(if your talking about heli EC then i concur)

Actually neither :D

ASB Gepards mainly, though yeah, some Heli EC Gepards too. They are the same Gepards, but rather than shooting down a heli, they are shooting down a jet doing Mach 1.2 at 50ft


yeah they are broken, ill be crowned king if i managed a shot on a jet at those parameters even with accurate target leading


Or more likely accused of hacking

on that note i have to review some footage of three russians shooting me through smoke

Hehe, enjoy

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For a start, we already have the first HARM platform in the game, the A-7E.
But while it is capable of carrying a whole lot more ordnance ( it was tested with the F-18’s targeting pod as well), the devs do not give a damn about it, sadly