E.N.T: Evolutionary National Tank

[Would you like to see the E.N.T in the game?]
  • Yes, as a Tech Tree vehicle
  • Yes, as an event vehicle
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The E.N.T was an unfinished, 3 crew prototype that started to be designed and developed in 1989, a few years after the Challenger 1 entered service, because the british MoD wanted a tank that will replace the Chieftain and to be better in every way compared with the Challenger 1 while also being at the same size and weight. It was planned to be able to destroy future soviet tank designs (for example the FST-3), and to be able to do that, the team making it, the Royal Armament Research & Development Establishment (RARDE) had to focus on giving it strong, heavy armour, good mobility, and a huge 140mm high powered cannon. The requirement of the E.N.T started in 1986 with its study as a request from the Fighting Vehicles Establishment (FVE) with the project name 7308, where the tank was meant to be evolutionary, so it was allowed to use parts of the older Chieftains and Challengers. It got a lot of inspiration of older proposed vehicles like the 1982 Future Tank Project (F.T.P), the ST4004 and the Future Main Battle Tank (F.M.B.T). The planned production of the vehicle back then was planned on the year 2000, although in the end that never happened due to the collapse of the soviet union, leading it to be a unfinished prototype with some parts of the vehicle still remaining.


A very important part about the E.N.T was the firepower it is supposed to wield, so to fulfill the demands of the MoD, a 140mm cannon was chosen, however there were 2 types of 140mm cannons, a high powered rifled cannon and a low pressure smoothbore cannon. Out of the two guns, the smoothbore one was chosen.


Thanks to its massive 140mm cannon, it could also fire massive shells. It can fire APFSDS shells almost twice the size of the 120mm shells at the time, and might also have the capability to fire HEAT rounds and ATGMs thanks to its increased bore. The long APFSDS rounds gave it an estimated penetration of around 700 - 800mm’s Although it also came with disadvantages, since the tank is meant to have a crew of 3, the shells were too big for a manual loader, which was tested with the mockup wielding the 140mm cannon, so there was a plan to give it an autoloader, a carousel autoloader was chosen because the bustle autoloader could only carry 16 rounds due to the size of the rounds and because it made the bustle look bigger, meanwhile the carousel autoloader could carry 40 rounds of ammunition, the autoloader had 15 ready rounds, meanwhile the rest of the 25 rounds were stored somewhere else inside the tank.

ENT Mockup without the autoloader mentioned in the Ammunition section
ENT Mockup

ENT carousel autoloader


Secondary Armament
7.62mm coaxial chain gun
7.62mm machine gun mounted on the pintle
Planned 25mm autocannon on the side of the bustle although will remove armour packs
Planned Version that is the exact same as the E.N.T, but adds extra missile launchers that can carry H.V.M and TRIGAT fire and forget missiles

Fire Control System
Gunner sight: Day-Night sights
Commander sights: 10x magnification, PAN TILI (panoramic thermal imager with laser integrated sight with 12x magnification)
ATDT (Automatic Target Detection & Tracking System), used to find targets faster than the crew by looking for movement, which also tells the crew where the movement was spotted

Perkins CV8 Diesel Engine with a two stage variable geometry turbocharger with a TN55 Gearbox (8 forward gears, 4 reverse), which gave it 1000 BHP, which in the end gave the E.N.T a 60kmp/h max speed.

14 road wheels, 7 per side

Hydro-Pneumatic suspension

Armour and Protection
The E.N.T compared with the Challenger 1 has massive protection differences, with an estimated 46% higher increase with kinetic projectiles and a 75% higher increase with shaped charged projectiles. This was achieved thanks to the turret having Chobham and ERA in its turret, giving the turret 700mm of armour from the front against kinetic projectiles in a 60 degree area of attack, meanwhile for HEAT projectiles it gives 1100mm at an 80 degree frontal arc. The turret sides also had Chobham and could also mount ERA, giving it 460mm of protection at 90 degrees.

The hull armour has 700mm protection against kinetic projectiles and 1300mm against HEAT projectiles if shot on the upper glacis. However like the Challenger 1, it still has the lower plate weakspot, as it wasn’t armoured like the other parts of the tank. The roof was armoured at some areas too, where it has up to 225mm of armour, high enough to survive small projectiles like bomblets and artillery, the bustle part wasn’t armoured.

I hope you all liked my very first suggestion, if there is any info that can be added here that is missing, please do let me know, since there isn’t a lot of information available on this tank, and is mostly hard to find.



Definitely an interesting design, although I worry that there’s too many unknowns and too little of it actually built for it to be considered by Gaijin sadly. I’m not sure it really fits as a TT vehicle given its incompleteness, but at the same time it would feel wasted as a premium/event/squadron vehicle.


I share Tangerines opinion.

It’s an interesting vehicle, but there’s not enough concrete information here.

An interesting design, too bad it didn’t come to fruition.

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+1 as an eventuality. The UK is gonna need something to match the eventual addition of MBT armed with 140mm+ cannons and the Rheinmetall Challenger can only take it so far.


+1 Even thought it’s paper.

I see a tank on paper and a mock-up built which is a lot more than some of the vehicles we already have in the game so I think this would be a great addition to the tech tree and would give something different and refreshing to an otherwise samey tech tree.

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The Mockup you see in the OP is from the Challenger 2 concept for the 140mm which was quickly dropped.

I have never seen any full scale mockups of the ENT Program.

Anyways since we already have paper vehicles ingame like the M6A2E1 with added frontal armor and the Ho-Ri. I think These big hitter tanks like the Strv-2000 would be a great fit for Top Tier.

Evolutionary National Tank - Tank Design and Development - YouTube


British Abrams?

more like chally t72 with a big cannon


Greetings from Ru Forum. And they will eat you for the tank project (I hope the translator translated everything correctly)

Turret look more like abrams.

ah, is it talked about there?

I’m not totally against design projects with unfinished prototypes being added. I have seen on this very forum vehicles get rejected/suggestions get closed because a full prototype didn’t exist though. The A.C.IA for example, a 6pdr equipped Australian Cruiser, was closed for this reason. As that tank fully existed albeit with 2pdr armament, and the design work to mount the 6pdr was fully done, and the 6pdr was a prolifically produced weapon/known variant, but a 6pdr was never physically mounted in one, it was far closer to reality than the E.N.T.
So to me, seeing vehicles like the E.N.T. would be fun, but just a warning it may be totally dismissed as not possible for the game.


Wasn’t built so not really. Would be cool but no.

The biggest thing normally is wether there are any unique parts created, not off the shelf components or preexisting chassis.

For example the british P.1216 aircraft had its engine (the RB.422) built and tested, however because it was a pre existing engine modified for the airframe its not a not a unique compinent.

In the case of the AC.1A

As the author of the AC 1A suggestion, it got closed because someone who wasn’t happy with it and didn’t fully understand what they were talking about kicked up so much of a fuss (that I made the mistake of eventually ignoring instead of disputing) that the mods shut it down.

By the suggestion standards of this forum, as well as the precedent set in game (the Delat Torn being a tech tree vehicle even though only a wooden mockup turret was constructed), the AC 1A is valid as a suggestion. It’s just a shame that a few people who think they know a lot more than they actually do end up yapping loud enough to ruin things.


i can kinda agree with this, my suggestion was mentioned multiple times, however people kept saying it wont be added cuz its paper, when in reality it was an unfinished prototype, people cant read sometimes

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And those vehicles are almost certainly on Gaijin’s list of removal. They removed the 105 Tiger and the Panther 2, and the R2Y2s are next. May take em a while, but all the paper vehicles will probably get removed eventually. While cool, very little of this tank was produced so its a no from me.

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