Dynamic Damage Decals - Don't have the Option


I saw a youtuber on graphics settings have an option about damage decals and such.
Presently, I do not have any damage effects except for total separation, and I remember waaaaay back in the day, you’d have bullet hole riddled wings and stuff.

However, when i check my settings I cannot find any such options.

The youtuber’s options:



My options:



How damage looks like for me right now (there’s no visible damage despite the wing being black other than the missing flap):


About the youtube video showing the setting, is this a recent video?

But, I also miss the old damage effects. Now I can have my plane all yellow, red, black and yet it shows undamaged when looking at it (except for missing parts like you show).

And especially for the hangar after you’ve been destroyed and the plane is repairing… it used to show all damaged but now the plane is in perfect condition.

Just looks out of place.

Released a year ago, roughly

huh youre right its gone

dude i so so wish they added them back,i really liked my plane looking all destroyed,sure unrealistic,but much cooler if you ask me

I think the Swedish hurricane still has visible holes in the wings and tails when damage.